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Shop Auctions - Bypass the Crowds this Holiday and Shop Auctions

Nov 12, 2007
Christmas is fast approaching. And with Christmas comes that time for massive present shopping. However, I'm here to tell you that how easy it is to shop auctions and not deal with the mall crowds and traffic jams that come with the Christmas season. You can actually stay home and shop for the holidays in your pajamas!

If you shop auctions, you can buy gifts with a breeze.

Let's take a look at how it works.

Auctions allow you to search by specific category or product. It's also a great place to get great gift ideas from. Take for instance a birthday gift that you recently bought. In most auctions, you will have a search toolbar. So just type the product name or category in and see the vast selection of items available. If you get too many results, narrow your search down and sort by product name or price.

You haven't purchased on the internet before? Are you hesitant about fraudulent activity? I was too. But most reputable auctions keep a history on everyone that sells on their site. You can review their feedback and see how active they are. It really is one of the safest options on the internet. I personally have had a great experience shopping auctions.

If you plan to shop auctions for your holiday shopping this year, don't wait until the last minute. The bidding prices will be much higher during this crunch time because people start to panic, plus you will risk not getting your item by the holiday deadline.

If price is not an issue then you are in luck when a company comes out with a new video game system or hard to find toy. They're hard to find in retail stores, but when you search on auctions such as eBay there is plenty of supply to bid on. At this point you know you are going to pay premium price. It is the natural law of supply and demand at work here. Some are willing to pay top dollar for something just to make sure their kid will have it first. But it still won't be a guarantee of receiving it before Christmas. Avoid this potential problem by shopping auctions earlier than later.

The holiday season is the premium time for auctions sites because thousands of shoppers have opted for internet shopping and it's gained popularity over the years. An important tip to remember is that this is still an auction site. So make your bids carefully. Many times, people new to shopping on auctions are so anxious to win the product, they end up driving up the prices and paying higher than normal pricing. I have seen this time and time again.

No matter how anxious you are, the auction will not end early. Another thing is make sure to check all details of the auction before placing your bid. And please don't forget to also check the cost and method of shipping that's listed in the auction. Many, including me have gotten caught with huge shipping bills because I did not check the costs before winning the bid. If you get too caught up in the competition, you may end up paying way too much for the product when you factor in shipping cost.

Now if you want to avoid the auction process altogether, you can seek out the "Buy It Now" items. You can easily only view the list of "Buy it Now" items by using the search bar. You can use this purchasing option to avoid the bidding game. Just remember, the closer you get to the holiday season the more you will see the "Buy it Now" options. Auction sellers know how to appeal to us last minute shoppers.

Two other popular options include delayed payment, gift wrapping. Whatever options you choose, make sure that you enjoy the experience. And don't forget that shopping auctions allows you to avoid the mad rush at the mall.
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