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Marketing Strategies When Using Email

Nov 12, 2007
It has not been long since the rise of the email, and it is already popular as a mode of marketing. It provides benefits to business campaigns, making it easier to directly reach the people concerned.

Email marketing is becoming a popular mode of getting your products to your customers through direct marketing. This can be done by communicating the information on your products or services to your customers cheaply, effectively, and in a cost effective way.

Emails give you the flexibility of tailoring your messages for the particular customers that you want to address. The effectiveness of email marketing will become apparent only when you send your emails to relevant recipients who are interested in the products or services that you are offering.

Before you send off the emails, you would need to get the consent of the recipients, as otherwise your marketing efforts would result in zilch.


Much would go in to prepare the contents of your email campaign. You need to provide your customers with the necessary information, keeping it brief and to the point. The following are some guidelines that you should follow:

1. You must tailor your email to the specific customer group that you want to target.

2. Your email subject line must be designed to attract attention.

3. Make you point quickly and clearly.

4. You would need to use simple words.

5. You should offer exclusive benefits to attract more customer attention.


You must build a large clientele. Your campaign must have a target, for even though it is a cheaper solution, sending emails to people in a random way may cost you your time. As an example, if you are marketing computer accessories, your target should be those people who are techno-savvy to an extent.

Remember that unsolicited emails are not appreciated, and further, are considered to be illegal. People become annoyed on receiving such emails, which they simply delete without even checking to see if they might benefit.


Unsolicited emails are considered to be illegal, though you could send limited extra information regarding other products or services to the prospective customers who have opted to subscribe to your mails.

As you let people opt into your email campaign, you should also provide the customer with the option to opt out of receiving any further email messages from you. It would be illegal if you do not provide that opportunity to the people who have agreed to receive your emails.


In email campaigns you need to be familiar with your target customers. These are the ones who have agreed to receive your product information by email, and even if they do not buy the product or service from you, they have greater chances of making a purchase.

Your email campaign must be relevant. As for example, you would send information about your new loyalty discounts to prospective high-spending customers. You might just get some orders from customers that have not been making purchases for a short period of time.
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