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Make Money With Auto Responders - Discover The Benefits Of This Powerful Tool

Nov 12, 2007
The internet is providing more and more people the opportunity to make money as its reach and marketplace continues to expand. Most people that try to make money online do not realize the power of an auto responder. An auto responder is a tool that will send email messages to your subscribers automatically over a period of time that you set.

It is important to understand that visitors to your website will more than likely not purchase any of the products they see on your site the first time they arrive. In fact it can take up to 7 to 8 contacts with some people before they will make a decision to buy. The reason this is the case is probably due to the fact that most people do not trust you enough to buy from your recommendation. Thus an auto responder gives you the opportunity to develop that trust as an authority figure and also as possibly a friend.

Think about it for a second, how many times have you bought something just because a friend you trust said that it was a great product. There are many great auto responder services out there, Aweber and GetResponse are two of the best. All you need to do is sign up for their service, the fees are very reasonable. Once you are signed up you will need to create a series of 7 to 12 messages spread about 2 to 3 days apart each.

When you select an auto responder service make sure that they allow you the opportunity to have an unlimited number of campaigns as well as unlimited messages. Also it is a good idea to stick with the double opt in process as this can protect you further from spam complaints. Also a good spam checking tool is important to ensure that your messages will get to your subscribers and not end up in the spam folder. In addition you must ensure that personalization features exist in the auto responder service you select.

Make sure that the content in your messages is not blatant advertising but rather offer some real useful free information and then perhaps add in one to two product recommendations that fit in with the topic of the emails. Make it appear as natural as possible almost like an email you would receive from a friend so do not hype your products but rather make simple recommendations without seeming like you are very eager to make a sale.

Many people suggest not to be too aggressive when marketing with auto responders and this is true to a certain degree. In the first few messages you do not want to be too aggressive but once you are approaching the last few messages you want to make it very clear to your subscribers that they should purchase the product you are suggesting.

After the last message in the series do not send your list any messages for at least a period of two weeks. Then you can send them more recommendations maybe once every two to three weeks or whenever a great product is launched either by you or by someone else and you are promoting it as an affiliate.

You can add some of your product recommendations at the end of your emails using the 'P.S.' format. With most auto responder services you will need to have the visitor double opt in which means they will need to click on the link in a verification email they receive after they fill out the sign up form on your site. A great way to ensure that the most number of people are motivated to click that link in the email is by telling them that you will send them a free gift of some sort after they confirm.

Getting your subscribers to open your emails can be a challenge but there are certain things you can do to maximize your email open rates. Starting the title of the email with the subscribers first name has been shown to increase open rates significantly. Make sure you are building a list of subscribers in your internet marketing efforts as this can be a very powerful way to dramatically increase the conversion rates and thus increase your profits.
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