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Tap Into Your Local Government Advisory Service

Nov 12, 2007
If you have been hoping to start a new venture in the near future, you are going to be looking into a number of different financing options to get the funds you need. Every business owner can tell you that it takes a good chunk of liquid money to start any kind of company, regardless of what type of business you are going into. How does one go about getting a great start-up loan? There are several ways of accomplishing this, with each one offering its own specific advantages for new business owners.

Common knowledge and conventional wisdom tells business owners that they must get in touch with their local bank if they need financing. There, you can manage to secure a cheap business loan in order to get the ball rolling on your bright idea. The problem with banks in this day and age is that they aren't being nearly as lenient with whom they are providing financing to.

Because the market has seen a large number of defaulters, lenders are tightening their credit requirements. At the same time, they are also raising the interest rates that they generally charge. This could combine to make banks a financing option that is out of the price range of many new entrepreneurs. If you fall into this category, how should you be reacting?

Do you consult family and friends to try to find someone who will help? If that doesn't sound too appealing, then there is another option which might be helpful. Your Local Government Advisory Committee (LGAC) is out there waiting for you should you need their help.

The Federal government has made great efforts to create these local groups that have the best interest of your community in mind. There are a number of these organizations throughout the country and they represent your local area and community.

These groups are filled with local people who have a ton of experience in running businesses and are in place to make things happen in the community. Though they also tackle various other issues, such as environmental concerns, these advisory service committees are ultimately charged with stimulating businesses within your locality or state.

How does one get financing through the Local Government Advisory Service? You have to contact them to find out what they have on their plate at the moment. These committee members would be ready to give you a loan for a plan that would benefit both your business and the community.

If you have an organized business plan that will ultimately provide something of value for your community or state, then the committee will be more likely to take you seriously. Granted that they don't have any pressing needs that have to be addressed prior to your concern, they will take your plan to heart and talk about financing your dream.

All of this would partly depend on where you live. Certain local advisory services have far more clout than others. In New York, for instance, the LGAC is in contact with millions of dollars each year which must be allocated to certain entities. Other areas of the country would probably find it very difficult to match that number, but they still feature some ability to help you begin your venture.

Business owners must realize that these local committees have to keep the community's best interest in mind, so every project might not be approved. Ultimately, it will be up to you to convince the committee that your business provides something meaningful and useful to your locality.

How does one go about convincing the committee that here is a good idea to pursue? Take the time to sit down with your business plan and lay it out in a way that is easy to understand for everyone involved. Show how much business it might bring into a town or state. Let the committees know, in certain financial terms, the scale of the impact that your business will have. This will put the pressure on them to pull the trigger on financing for your idea. Then, everyone will benefit from your desire and ability to begin a business that is financially successful.

If you are looking for a quality way to find financing for your upstart business, then many other options will have to be considered. Though it is prudent to investigate all of the options that are available to you, it would be foolish to overlook some of the things that may remain somewhat hidden. Your Local Government Advisory Service should be willing to lend you some financial aid. If you have a great idea that could add something constructive, you should not have a problem in acquiring financial aid.
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