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What Is An Internet Accelerator?

Aug 17, 2007
The Internet has taken the world by storm as it provides communication services and information at the click of the button. The Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate with each other and also find information. Earlier people used to access the Internet through the dial up connection that required placing a call through the modem to the Internet service provider. The service was pretty expensive as one had to pay the charges of the Internet service provider and also pay telephone costs. With rapid development of technology, people now access the Internet thorough a broadband connection requiring a cable modem. The costs have drastically come down and the speed has increase manifold. Speed is one of the most important criteria that people look into when they plan to buy an Internet service. Today we delve further into Internet accelerators.

An Internet accelerator refers to a software program that speeds up your Internet connection either through the dial up or through broadband. It can work with something as simple as a dial up connection and something as complex as a LAN / Cable / xDSL / ISDN /T1 connection. The Internet accelerator optimizes one's TCP/IP settings which results in faster browsing, faster email access, quicker downloads and improved overall Internet performance. An Internet accelerator prevents the fragmentation in TCP/IP transfers and hence speeds up the overall Internet connection.

Windows, by default does not optimize your computer's Internet settings. An Internet explorer speeds up all the Internet related software on your computer and optimizes it for improved performance. Some of the most important features of an Internet accelerator are:
  1. Optimizes TCP/IP settings
  2. it supports multiple adaptors on a single computer.
  3. it displays the status of your current settings.
  4. It optimizes and speeds up downloads by simultaneously downloading from mirror sites.
  5. It has the speed up option and it can also restore original settings on the click of the button.
  6. It has custom edit options for advanced users.
Installing an Internet accelerator improves modem speed considerably without buying additional hardware to optimize the Internet connection. The interface is very user friendly and all the settings can be changed in a jiffy. Hence for computer users who are plagued with slow Internet connection, Internet accelerators prove to be a perfect choice. Some of the well known Internet accelerators are Getright, Speed connect and Download Accelerator. Most of the software programs are available for download for a limited period, and after the trial period is over one has to buy the software. Hence we see that an Internet accelerator proves to be a boon for those people who still use a slow dial up modem.
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