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Risks Involved in Internet Affiliate Marketing

Nov 13, 2007
Internet affiliate marketing is the art of promoting business by a third party commercial entity who is in turn rewarded for every customer, subscriber and sale he/she brings in.

Internet Affiliate marketing makes use multi utilitarian tools such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing and email marketing. Internet affiliate marketing is a lot like investing in shares. One needs an intense amount of patience, make calculated decisions, do a lot of research to push affiliate products and make pick which stocks to buy.

The rot beneath the glitter

The Internet Affiliate Marketing does not have much of in-built risks. It's just that it presents a plethora of ways for people to screw up and lose all of their money. The expert's tread avoiding these potholes while the newbie's are hell bent on falling into them. The severe drawback with affiliate marketing is that the online sites give everybody the same site to advertise.

The company usually tells that if you promote a particular affiliate link you will receive a commission check. When the company says "The more cash you make, the more money we receive" what they really mean is "The more money you spend the more money you get". By improperly training you, the companies can rip you off the major pillars of success like integrity and company management. The one secret that companies usually keep you from figuring out is "branding".

The reason companies stay away from coaching the people this vital skill is pure greed for fast cash. Once the affiliates start branding their name they will be in business longer and are more successful. Another factor affiliates has to keep in mind is join companies which has an hop link system and first come first serve cookie basis. This helps in preventing other affiliates or the client himself from stealing your commission.

The lack of first come first serve cookie is a huge flaw in the system with affiliates scurrying left right and center to protect their commissions by cloaking and using frames. Another issue when advertising a product through PPC (Pay per Click) with conversion tracking is that even if your tracker shows you have sold, say 5 articles, the site may show it as 2.

You are left flabbergasted as the site coolly says that only what they have tracked is taken into account. Non received checks are an everyday affair with most Internet Affiliate Marketing companies, but the catch is there would be a 'stop fee' for re issue of a new Cheque. The stop fee could anywhere from $20-$30 and has lead to ridiculous situations when a $30 stop fee was charged for a $20 check.

A worst case scenario after you enroll as an affiliate for a site is finding out midway that you have not even made 1 sale, ask the site for help? They shower you with links of more of their stuff. Internet Affiliate Marketing is an industry where when things go wrong they go so very wrong, driving you down an endless spiral to a place of no return.
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