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How to Keep Affiliates Motivated to Sell

Nov 13, 2007
Most products go up and down on sales charts. When something is first launched, for example, sales may be quite high, because the product is new and unique, and consumers want to see what it's all about. Once the product has been around, sales may go down quite a bit. Similarly, when a new affiliate comes on board, he or she may be very excited and create many sales through promotional efforts. After awhile though, they may see their sales drop.

People lose motivation to do things for a variety of reasons. Some people are always looking for the newest product, the most exciting thing, and their attention span may be quite short. They just don't have the ability to focus on sales success for the long term.

Other people may in fact join an affiliate program without understanding that they'll need to work in order to earn money as an affiliate. If they don't get as many sales as they thought they would, they might get frustrated and quit.

Other people may have something happen, such as a family emergency or death in the family, so that they have to stop work for a while and put their attention elsewhere. Whatever the reason, most people lose some of the initial excitement they had when they joined an affiliate program. To take care of this problem, you need to give affiliates constant approval and a reason to stay motivated.

Basically, when you motivate someone, you are inspiring him or her to action. Some people are very internally controlled and motivated, meaning that they don't need much external help or approval.

Other people, by contrast, need quite a bit more help externally. They are most motivated externally, or through outside forces. The best way to motivate these types of people is with incentives. This includes your affiliates.

You can do this by providing bonuses, usually based on a number of sales. This is a good way to keep your affiliates wanting to come back for more. If they know that once they sell a certain dollar amount of products or a certain number, that they'll receive an extra 10% in commission, they'll work for that goal a little bit harder.

You can also hold contests to motivate people. You can do this in many different ways. For example, you can offer cash prizes or entice other business owners to donate a prize or two to the affiliate who sells the most in a given period of time.

This works well for everyone, meaning that affiliates have something to work toward, product owners won't have to spend up any more money on prizes and take away from their business, and the business donating the price gets extra publicity they wouldn't otherwise get.

You can also motivate affiliates by offering them support when needed, keeping them informed of new promotions coming up, and sending personal acknowledgments when they achieve a certain goal or just because they're on your team. If you give someone approval and let them know that they're appreciated, this can motivate them most of all.
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