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Encouraging Affiliates To Promote Offline

Nov 13, 2007
When you become an affiliate manager, you recruit your affiliates and they automatically assume that they will be focusing on online marketing. They are given affiliate text links, website with incredible graphics, articles and access to many other resources that will assist them in becoming a successful affiliate. One aspect of affiliated marketing that is almost always forgotten is offline marketing.

It is hard to believe in today's world that there are people who do not subscribe to the Internet, they do not have a computer or internet access. Many others only use it only to find things that they want. These are the people who would benefit from offline promotions. When your affiliate market both online and offline everyone is being targeted by their promotion. It makes sense that your affiliates will draw in more customers for your business.

How Do I Get Affiliates to Promote Offline?

There are many different ways for an affiliate to promote products or services offline. Ad, flyers, and direct mail campaigns are all very effective ways of marketing. Another wonderful way to market products and services is radio and television commercials, however, this method can be expensive.

Just as you would if your affiliates were promoting online, you need to provide them with the resources and materials to promote offline. You will need to provide them with materials such as ad copy, the designs for their flyers, printed publications and a mailing list for direct mail pieces, along with postage and envelopes. With you provide the necessary tools, your affiliates will be successful in marketing your products.

When your affiliate are promoting offline, it is important that your provide a telephone number, toll free if possible, so that customers can call and request information. You can set it up as one main number and then each of your affiliate could be assigned a certain extension. Each affiliate would then enter their extension into the ad for customers to call.

Using Incentives for Customers and Affiliates

Using incentives to draw in first time customers is always a good marketing skill. Using things such as coupon code and referrals can give your affiliate a boost in sales that can be astounding. For even more sales, your affiliate can use the coupons codes for phone or direct mail sales.

If you have not promoted offline, you should encourage your affiliates to do so. Without offline sales, you are depriving your business of a huge market that could bring you a lot of customers and money. Offering your affiliates can give them incentive that they need to bring you customers.
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