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A&R Reps and Record Deals

Nov 13, 2007
Oh, everyone seems to be chasing that elusive record deal or are at least trying to figure out how to get signed. Unfortunately, there is no one way to get a record deal. The good news is that if you are truly talented and you work hard then you may eventually get some kind of deal. A lot of people would say that when it comes to how to get signed, timing is everything. Being at the right place at the right time is crucial, it doesn't always seal the deal.

One surefire way to get noticed is to attract the attention of the notorious A&R people. It's a fact that all labels have A&R departments. They are the scouts of the music industry and they are always looking for bands or artists to invest in. Once you have impressed the ever-so sought after A&R man, then they become your liaison meaning they basically oversee everything from songs, to monetary allocation to touring. But when it comes down to it, these are the guys you need on your side.

But that was jumping ahead just a bit. A&R guys usually have some form of mental checklist when they are scouting bands and it probably goes something like this:

1. How strong are this band's songs?

2. How is the live performance?

3. Do you fit into the genre they are scoping out?

4. Do you have that style and appeal?

5. How is the audience responding to you?

6. Most importantly, will your music sell?

Your line of attack when approaching A&R needs to be planned out and to the point. Give or play your demo and invite them to a gig. Make sure that demo is impeccable because more than likely they are only going to listen to a very tiny portion of it. If they liked it, then they just might show up at the performance. Keep in mind that this gig needs to be an impressive one. Make sure you have a fan base there and a good vibe going with the crowd. This is crucial because you not only want to sound good, you want the crowd to be into you as well.

No matter who you are if you are wanting to know how to get signed or how to get a record deal then take to heart the tips offered above. A&R reps are not the only way to score a record deal but they are most definitely one way and it is a way worth trying more than once. There are tons of labels out there and even more A&R reps so get to work and the first place to start is with an awesome demo!
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