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Common Band Mistakes

Nov 13, 2007
When working on how to get signed there are common mistakes that artists and bands make that they may not even realize. Record companies are only going to offer that record deal to the complete package, that has been established. And literally one mistake or one flaw can cause your band to lose that record deal.

First, let's talk about power struggles within the band. One wouldn't think when working on how to get a record deal that this would necessarily play in. But honestly, band politics are extremely common and cause some groups to lose out on that holy grail, the record deal.

Greed is the main factor when it comes to power struggles within the band. Some members of the band believe they deserve more royalty rights or publishing rights or profits or whatever! Or you have the leader of the band who believes he is entitled to more than the others. Either way you look it, this is going to cause an apparent problem, the label is going to see this and the record deal will never come through.

Differences in the band are going to arise especially when you all are working on how to get a record deal. The problem truly arises when the label sees any sign of this. When they see this, they are going to mark your group as a gigantic risk and most likely move on to the next aspiring musicians. It is true, most bands do have "more valuable" members and industry people can clearly see that but if problems arise because decisions can't be made ahead of time then you will not get signed.

Next, you must understand completely how the music industry works. The music industry is not all about music. It is comprised of risks, investments, business, power, image, games, perceptions and then music. The music industry is truly a game and figuring out how to get a record deal is all a part of the game. Try not to focus on how you wish the music business would be and focus on how it really is. It is cut-throat, diehard competition! The sad reality is you are using the label and they are using you because that is the way the music business is.

Ideally, you could figure out how to get signed with a major label, perform in front of millions, sell billions worth of albums and just be a star. But honestly, that is too idealistic. If you don't want to be involved with the politics and requirements that arise when signed with a major label then a word to the wise is to become your own independent label. Or you can just stay an Indie musician and make, record, release and promote your music yourself, to your standards.

If you truly want to know how to get signed then pay attention to the above information. Most importantly, before you meet with any label, you MUST resolve any power struggles that may arise. This may mean that you have to make everything equal or pinpoint each person's area of worth and have it set in stone before you stroll into that office to discuss a record deal. Don't make fools of yourselves because it will result in a loss of the deal.

Don't be unrealistic about how the industry works. There are great aspects of signing with a major label and their are bad aspects, depending on who you are as a musician. Make sure you know who you are and what you want before you go sign that record deal.
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