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Wholesale Business: Creating the Wow Moment!

Nov 13, 2007
Viral marketing in markets like the wholesale business industry is getting a lot of attention, and rightfully so. As you know word of mouth has been superseded by social networking and tagging. One great review or customer recommendation can easily drive a ton of traffic to your offer.

In the wholesale video games business, wholesale audio business, DVD industry and the countless of other sub-niches in the same market, all have similar outcomes if you were to have someone refer your good business. Beautiful thing about online business is that one positive word from an influential member about you can transform your business into a success overnight. Getting people to love your product by really setting everything as their customers need without delays to the service or brand is priceless and irreplaceable. I am sure that if you do this right, you will have an endless stream of income for as long as you wish.

There are two important elements to creating this kind of customer: inspire them to love and respect you. That is, no matter if you are dropshipping everything or selling to everyone that arrives at your site - grab their birthday and when the time comes send them a congratulations postcard by mail or a discount coupon to your e-commerce site.

I mean, no matter if you will be in a way selling your clientele one of your products in a very small message on a postcard - Who Cares! You have just remembered something special about your customers, your people! Heck, if some marketing companies remembered my business the way Time magazine excellently does every time it is time to renew my year membership - I will probably stay with their business and never wait for the vacumm free offer!

Situation being, if you send a surprise message in a day that has meaning to your people, your customers - this just usually means that you have taken the trouble to learn about your customers, as intimately as if you were courting them. Remember your dating times? You probably lost count, I know what is like. But it is like being open and approachable, as a person and a business. Can it get simpler!

You will also need to communicate effectively. That means saying the truest thing you can when you communicate. Example being, this past November 2nd to the 5th I was in a $5,000 marketing workshop in Atlanta and I let many truthful things out without any attempt to hide behind a facade. Try it, whether wholesale, dropshipping or e-commerce in the wholesale video games business, eBay business, audio business or anything else - be kind and truthful. The connections will roll!

The best way to achieve this kind of connection is to be congruent - all of a piece, not divided. It has come to many of our attention that many marketers today are sensitive and perceptive of everything that we write, talk and even silently expose with our body language.

One indirect thing I truly learned from a guy named Gary pretty much can be summed up in few but very specific words in such a great workshop. Your nature and quality of your service and contribution will definitely affect your perception by the marketplace. People who consistently overdeliver and back up their offers with service and value get noticed and recommended. Those who offer only the value of what they are asking to be paid get ho-hum results. And that really got me excited no matter if he never said it in direct words!

If all you deliver for $47 is $47 of total value, you are short-changing yourself and your business. That is why no matter if it is drop shipping, flipping online businesses, e-commerce shop or anything else currently available, you should should go with the over delivery element in mind. Whether it currently is e-commerce, wholesale video games, PLR or countless of targeted sub-niche tangible businesses, it is a wild ride. Enjoy it and create that wow moment.
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