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How To Start Work From Home Business?

Aug 17, 2007
The Biggest question in the start is: how to get enough traffic to the site? By promotions of course.
Promotions are the key factor in order to reach the targets.

Ask yourself: what promotions you would like to run? Writing articles, seach engine optimization, ezine ads, list building, Google AdWords, traffic exchanges or...If you think this short list in deep and think the " nature " of these promotions, you´ll find out that they are very different.

To become an expert in affiliate marketing, a lot of studying is needed: reading, testing, re-reading and re-testing. It is not a quick process. Think that people are studying for years in universities to get some profession.

By concentrating on only one way to promote affiliate program, is a good way to start and increase the motivation.

Think like the prospect!You must understand what you do. This is the key to any success. And of course you must know yourself and know what is possible for you.

A healthy angle to think the marketing is to think like you suppose your prospect is tinking or like you were thinking, if you were in the process to join as an affiliate.

The buying process happens in internet with a PC. Imagine a typical person looking for home business. What he wants? A hobby, a part-time income, a good salary, interesting work to do or...

The truth is that there are as many motives as prospects, so your selection of medium and adcopy must do the targeting. But what differs internet from other mediums is that customers are prepared to search answers to there needs.

Prospects in the internet are prepared.Yes, they are prepared to search and find information that fullfills their needs. They are not like TV-watchers, who suddenly see some ad during 20 seconds for instance.

TV-watchers are not waiting and searching the ads they see. Their motives are elsewere.The internet user is surfing for information and looking for different offers.

Is affiliate program easy to buy? Let´s look at the prospect´s need now. Is product called " affiliate program " easy to buy, easy to understand, when you see it for the first time? Is it like a 20 cent candy?

Or is it difficult, needs a lot of studying, some investments and long term work? When you know from your own experience that your program sells, it is easier to promote it to others.

Buying is a process. The first message the prospect see should be enthusiastic, clear and " answer prospect´s need ".

Because internet is interactive, the first ad must make a prospect to do something. Like subscribing a newsletter. This makes the prospect feel that he´ll " belong to the family ".

What you like - are you prepared? Another angle is to think, what you can do.Which promotional ways you have studied and feel confident about. What is your passion?

Can you get enough targeted traffic with your promotions? For instance if you have decided to use traffic exchanges for sign ups gathering and get 5 subscribers per week, 20 per month. This means quite a slow increase of your opt-in list.

But even with this speed, you´ll get usefull figures: how many names in the list means one sale etc.

More studies needed. If you need more effect, you can use Google AdWords, which is more complicated and requires in-depth studying and certain budget.

AdWords is ran by keywords and - phrases with which the prospect is searching a business for himself. When traffic exchanges are easy to start with modest results, AdWords needs a lot of pre-work with keywords, adcopies, testing etc.

The results can be very nice, rapid and it is easy to repeat. The results are very predictable, which makes it easy to calculate sales/costs ratio.

Newbie - concentrate your efforts. As you saw from two simple examples above, internet promotion tools are very different as a nature. That´s why it is very important to pick only one, study it thoroughly and measure the key figures for future use.

When a new affiliate has ran and repeated successfully the chosen promotion, he can think to expand into new markets. If necessary.
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