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Navigation In Professional Web Design

Nov 13, 2007
Navigation is that system that links on your site plays a big role in determining the stickiness of your site. Try giving importance to navigation and linking. The clean layout and neat navigation and using a lot of white space for your site enhances its looks. Always try to keep the focus on your content. It is why all recommend using dream weaver templates for your site as all pages or a group of pages have one basic design and only the content varies - this way even if your site is a little distracting due to necessary effects, your design is noted once and then the visitor focused on the content automatically.

Do remember some useful points so that a web site must be created professionally with no issues. Always prepare your site navigation before designing to prevent cluttering up the site with forgotten links. The clean-cut and uniform navigation system is a must. Drop-down menus or flouts should be used if we have too many links for your main topics. And if we have Fireworks or Dream weaver then macromedia drop-down menus are one of their most popular in-built methods. Or you can use our own copy-paste code for drop-down menus.

Try to maintain a site map or section contents/home pages to help people find what they are looking for with ease. Its navigation should be flexible enough to accommodate any amount of additional links in case you probably will be adding pages periodically. As using this drop-down menus or section home pages is a must. Do keep your main links together as much as possible so that visitors can absorb them at one shot and know what your site conveys about your company.

Always check out how all our major links appear in our top navigation bar and all related section links are listed in the right hand side menu. It is of no harm in showcasing important links (even repeated links) that you think might interest the visitor. Very small boxes describing the link should look good. And if you like a graphic intensive site and find there is not much space for accommodating all your links, you can have a separate home (splash) page and all other pages as content pages. Hence your home page can have visual appeal and your inner content pages can have elaborate navigation structures while focusing on the content.

Always try to use your navigation space efficiently. Apply short, clear and precise words in your links so that your visitors know what the corresponding page will contain. Editors like fireworks and flash you can see the various options in the preview panel to reduce the sizes.
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