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Graphic Design Firms in the New Orleans Area

Nov 13, 2007
The most important aspect of any graphic design effort is the visual impact that your business imagery creates to the viewer. Unfortunately, many parts of New Orleans are less than photogenic for the time being, which makes the impact you can create with your company logos, product branding, signage, and marketing literature and brochures that much more crucial.

For many businesses in the New Orleans area, the way to survive the calamity of Hurricane Katrina and her aftermath has been to maintain or establish a quickly reopened storefront. Even if your business was not directly affected by the 2005 storms, the impact to business conditions as the city emptied has been felt everywhere.

Fortunately, with reconstruction well underway, the greater New Orleans area is experiencing a phenomenal rate of growth. This makes for a competitive business environment, as you work to establish your presence in New Orleans or to tell the world that you're still open for business.

Building and maintaining a quality and reliable presence with professional marketing efforts is just one way your business can bounce back. Professional graphic design and printed material is one route to reaching your target market, which is so difficult to pinpoint with inconsistent population figures, and irregular areas of rebuilding.

Depending on what field you're in, there well be may be a lot of potential business out there for you, if only you can reach your customer with consistent and smart marketing materials.

Your physical presence is at least as important in most areas, and much more important in some. Contracting the services of a professional graphic design firm in the New Orleans area is essential to the success of your marketing efforts.

In addition to designing sales copy with strong visual impact, good graphic design firms have ready access to all the printing, copying, and production equipment needed for a marketing campaign of any size, great or small.

When choosing a suitable graphic design firm in New Orleans, you should make sure they can organize these parts of the job too. This is one area that can easily distinguish a professional design firm from a kid working on a laptop in his Mom's attic.

Once the design phase of your work is finished, you need to quickly and efficiently have your branding, signage, fliers, or brochures professional produced and printed.

Good firms give you the option of conducting business face to face at their company offices, over the phone, or exclusively online. One service that is often essential is the ability to send any graphics you may have available, whether they be your existing business logos or marketing images, photos of the business, or work you've done to your design firm by email.

This makes collaborating with the graphic designers easier and more effective, allowing you to instantly review work they've produced, request changes, and eventually be delivered a final product that you're happy with before it's finalized in print.

Professional firms should also offer estimates or quotes for work before beginning, which makes email collaboration that much more valuable. In this way, you can send your starting materials over along with more precise specifications than you may be able to do over the phone, which makes the job of the design firm staff easier, and delivers you a higher quality product.

Utilizing the services of a professional graphic design firm could make the difference between your business going unnoticed, and getting the visual edge needed to make an impact to your audience, and take full advantage of the record growth New Orleans is experiencing to catapult your business far beyond where you might otherwise land.
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