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Efficiency and Effectiveness...Get Organized for Business Success

Nov 13, 2007
Every business owner is a simply great businessperson. Just ask them and they will tell you. After all, spending years and years in a corporate position, learning all about management, leadership, and how to achieve unparalleled success paves the pathway of success.


Welcome to Reality 101. Sorry to break the news, but with no guarantees in life, there is no guarantee that anyone is going to be successful as a businessperson.

Consider this. Even with the best Business and Marketing Plan, a heavily capitalized and well-managed roll out, and superior experience, knowledge, and street smarts, one might be successful. Or not.

Even the best entrepreneurs in the world can fail miserably. And it is not necessarily because of flawed ideas or they lack new and exciting concepts. History bears out that some of the best minds, the most pioneering individuals, have developed dismal track records of failure across the landscape of their success. The train wrecks of previous business owners who believed they had a sure thing are easily visible to those who simply search them out.

Today, a successful entrepreneur must ask him or herself, What must be accomplished faster, smarter, and at less cost to be successful in this venture?

One key element to proven success is to search for methods to achieve unparalleled efficiency.

Efficiency in a business offers a key which allows every element of business to be harmonized and focused, allowing faster success within the venture. Organization is paramount, and there are a variety of tools available online to increase efficiency.

One of the newest tools available is an online organizer. A variety of online organizers are available, offering different features to meet the needs of most businesses.

Look for an organizer which is not simply a paper organizer, digitally enhanced. Seek out an organizer that offers many different features, and choose the features needed to help meet the specific needs of the business.

It is not just what the online organizer accomplishes in terms of improvements in efficiency, but it is more how it changes small and medium-sized businesses into dynamos of communication. Imagine being able to manage a contact database that can be expanded to as many as 5000-10,000 contacts. Wherever, imagine the ability to connect to the Internet and have full and unlimited access to all contacts, access to image and document libraries, management of multiple email accounts seamlessly. Create a website or a blog.

The most useful attribute to Small and Medium Businesses, however, is the ability to create newsletters, send them to identified databases of contacts, utilize an autoresponder, and measure email campaign results with the use of a complete suite of E-Management Software. Close sales with automatic precision and increase both profits and connectivity. Build relationships with ease.

Worried about the cost of an online organizer? Some are free, but even the most advanced models cost less than $3 a day. That is less than a brand name cup of coffee in many markets. Is it worth adding this type of efficiency to a business for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day?
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Alan Guinn operates an award-winning Worldwide Consultancy, searching out new products and client services. He found his ideal organizer at Your Online Organizer.
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