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Communication Helps Create Business Success

Nov 13, 2007
Business schools announce the importance of clear communication to the world; established businesses address it in forums and within Annual Reports, and small, entrepreneurial businesses learn how important communication is...some of them, the hard way.

Clear communication between business and clients should be one of the key objectives for every entrepreneurial business owner.

The importance of clear communication distills down to common sense. If one knows what customers want and need, one can design what is sold and the program can be created to meet the needs if the client or customer.

But in the hurry-scurry and topsy-turvy business world environment of today, how can one entrepreneur stay directly in communication with clients and customers? Good entrepreneurs actually seek out ways to communicate and keep their message in front of clients, and embrace tools which make their jobs easier and less intense.

One of the newest tools to assist in maintaining communication between client and business owner is an effective online organizer. Most offer similar functions and efficiencies with many of them using similar platforms as a basis for operation.

What should one seek in an online organizer? Look for software that allows newsletter generation features based on multiple templates. Be sure it also offers direct newsletter transmittal to predefined opt in email addresses, allowing contact between client and entrepreneur. If contact is important, seek out organizers that spin up a newsletter or e-zine using simplified templates and will send it to a defined user group. This will allow the opportunity to send different ezines or newsletters offering different content to predefined users.

Think this is impossible to achieve? By searching out an online organizer, the opportunity to subscribe on a Software as a Service (Saas) basis is available for less than the cost of a cup of gourmet coffee a day. Business owners will find themselves hard-pressed to avoid subscribing because of cost.

Users will find not only contact management software that keeps current clients separated from leads, but also templates for websites, as well as a complete user-friendly E Suite for newsletters, targeted email, and Ezines in some of the organizers available online. Templates speed development and WYSIWYG functionality allows even digitally-challenged users to create professional-looking documents for opt in email users.

Small and Medium Business owners now have another low cost tool to enhance and expand communications with their clients and customers.
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Alan Guinn operates an award-winning Worldwide Consultancy, searching out new products and client services. He found his ideal organizer at Your Online Organizer.
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