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Five Ways to Recruit Affiliates for Your Affiliate Marketing Program

Aug 17, 2007
An affiliate marketing program with no affiliates is a failure. To make your affiliate program a success, you have to recruit affiliates. You must market your affiliate program aggressively. Here are five ways to recruit the affiliates needed to make your program successful.

1. Make your affiliate program irresistible - It is easier to recruit affiliates by letting them know how your program benefits them. When it comes to affiliate marketing programs, potential recruits want to know what's in it for them.

Imagine the kinds of questions you would ask yourself if you were a potential recruit. Answer those questions, and include the answers on your website, in your emails, and in other marketing materials.

2. Make the recruit a priority - Promptly answer all emails concerning your affiliate program. The speed at which you answer queries says a lot about you and your business.

If it takes days to respond to a potential recruit, then it'll leave the impression you don't have time to run a well-managed affiliate program. It'll also give the impression that you don't prize your affiliates. If your affiliates aren't a priority, then why would a potential recruit join the program? The answer is that they won't.

3. Get press - Press includes everything from press releases to articles to advertisements. This tactic helps get your name and affiliate program mentioned in front of hundreds of potential recruits.

If you go with a press release, make sure you have something that is newsworthy. An affiliate program by itself isn't news, but if you have something to offer, your press release will be appealing.

4. Question current affiliates to attract recruits - Who knows better what will attract new affiliates than current affiliates? Poll affiliates for their opinions on your affiliate program. Ask for their input on how the program can improve. You may not use their suggestions, but the input can help make your program better and more appealing.

5. Join online message boards and networking groups - There are online boards and groups dedicated to affiliate marketing. These are the places a potential recruit will go to learn about affiliate marketing. Participating in these groups can attract people to your program. However, it's often against the rules to blatantly advertise any specific affiliate program. Instead, offer assistance to people with questions - make yourself useful. You can include a link to your website and a blurb in your signature line.

Your affiliates will be the life-blood of your business. Take good care of them & they will take good care of you.
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