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NAD Coins: The Eight Best Reasons to Invest

Aug 17, 2007
It's not enough to invest your money in Funds and gold coins only. You have to invest, but you have to do it wisely. The wise businesman knows that his best investment is in his own, his family's and his business' health. NAD Coins can deliver unique benefits to such investors looking for superior value and performance. Here, Nutrimalaika provides key benefits of active investing.

The Coin of Life:
"NAD+ and ATP are the energy currency for the cell. Money is a medium of exchange. People assign work for us to do, we receive money for doing it, and we convert that money into things we want or need. The cell takes its energy source, converts it into NAD(H) and ATP, and then uses them to perform needed tasks in the cell. NAD+ and ATP are not the only carriers of energy, but they are the major ones. (Basic Energy Concepts. ©2000 Timothy Paustian, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Join the League:
The potential of NAD and niacin therapy to treat diseases is now going forward in South Africa. Theo Verwey and his group of clinicians are now the future of this movement to reform medical therapeutics. It is the concept of NAD as a medicine, which must not be ignored: the needed research must be allowed, encouraged, the results evaluated, acknowledge and passed on to the young physicians of today. (Prof JP Cleary MD)

Buy you Sex Performance:
If we take sex as an example, it is experienced by persons with low energy levels as playing on a jungle gym. For persons with high energy levels sex is experienced as a Godly miracle and it makes the couple transcends. (Theo Verwey, MSc)

Daily Needed:
Research indicated, that the average person requires approximately 50 kg of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the basic form of chemical energy for all life, every day to be able to function. Almost 36 kg of NAD is used in the cells, to produce the ATP. In order to accomplish this, the NAD must be recycled in the body. The average person's body contains approximately 16g of NAD and this must be recycled 2 160 times, to enable the body to produce enough energy. (Theo Verwey, MSc)

Social Investment:
It's simple. NAD is a coenzyme facilitating the process where sugar (pyruvate) transforms to lactate. The heart muscle only uses lactic acid as its major source of energy. Two well-known factors reduce NAD in the body and that is alcohol (part of the liver detox process) and exercise. (Dr George Coetzee, MBChB)

Best Value:
To my astonishment and delight there were almost an immediate response and patients who would ordinarily take 3 to 6 months to shows an adequate response to vitamin B3 were responding on NAD in days and weeks... I then went through a most terrible period because my supplies of NAD ran out and I had to deal with my patients who had done so well relapse back into their original disease. My patient we had discharged into the community had to be re-admitted, had to be returned to the mental hospital where she died several years later. She had not responded to vitamin B3 but had to NAD.(Dr Abram Hoffer MD PhD FRCP)

Higher Quality of Life:
The greater the amount of usable metabolic energy and available quantity thereof, the higher the quality of life and functioning. The brain, for example, uses ten times more metabolic energy than any other organ and has a very limited supply of metabolic energy, which has to be replenished continuously.(Theo Verwey, Clinical Psychologist and NAD Expert (Theo Verwey, MSc)

Essential Ingredient:
"Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is most important for energy. If you have too little NAD, some of your enzymatic reactions do not function and then you cannot produce energy. You cannot produce ATP. NAD supplements must also be added to the minimum maintenance. NAD is a very particular ingredient; it is an essential ingredient of your body. If you do not have it, none of your systems function and this includes your brain. If you do not have any NAD, you die; it is as simple as that." (Dr Henry Davis,MBChB - Behavioural-Genetic Perspective, In D. Steyn & T. Verwey, Dreams for Fragile people.)

The richest man is the man who invests in himself, his family and his business. Good luck for the man who does not invest wisley with foresight. Albert Einstein said: "Intellectuals solve problems; Geniuses prevents them."
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Desirée has successfully transformed the old Alkogen Treatment Network into Nutrimalaika NAD Energy Nutrition Shop - http://www.nutrimalaika.biz. For the last 7 years at Nutrimalaika she sheared in the joy of children and parents gaining a renewed life with the energy provided by NAD Nutrition.
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