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The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing - Is It A Scam?

Nov 14, 2007
When author Ann Sieg released her report "The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing" it literally sent shock waves through the industry.

Many established and old time network marketers reacted angrily to the report and with very good reason. Sieg was bold enough to tell it like it is and confirmed for many struggling distributors that maybe they have been lied too all these years.

So what was written to cause such an angry response? Basically, Sieg exploded several myths in "The 7 Great Lies" such as:

- the "3 foot rule"
- your upline will build your business for you
- you don't need to have any sales skills and
- and anyone can do this

In essence, Ann Sieg literally attacked the old outdated methods of building an MLM business suggesting it's the reason why 90% of people will "toss in the towel" in the first 90 days.

Is she right? Well, statistics don't lie and there has to be a reason why there is such a huge attrition rate in the industry. Maybe she went a little overboard in suggesting MLM'ers have been lied too but sooner or later, someone was going to take a stand and question publicly the merits of offline recruitment strategies.

One of the most profound statements ever made is "if you do something over and over again and expect to get a different result then you'll just keep spinning your wheels" is probably the best way to describe the message within "The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing."

We now live in a communication age dominated by the internet. What happens when you join an MLM company and are told to make a list of everyone you know from family to friends to casual aquaintances? You are going to exhaust that list pretty quickly and worse still, you'll more than likely alienate yourself with some people who will see you as someone pushing the latest "pyramid scheme" onto them.

So what's the answer when the list becomes redundant? Where do you source your prospects from? This is the "brick wall" most distributors are confronted with. They are told time and time again to attend meetings and have faith in the system but let's be honest, that's all well and good but without prospects in MLM you are "dead in the water."

This is the point in a distributor's life when the only alternative is to get out because monthly autoship payments alone can become insurmountable financial obstacles which they simply cannot sustain.

The answer is to create cashflow in your business from day one even if you don't sign anyone into your business. Is that possible? Sure, and "The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing" is the platform to achieving this exact system.
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