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Photo Sharing Opportunities Are Global

Nov 14, 2007
The age of computer technology has allowed photo sharing opportunities to go global. With the use of photo sharing websites, email, digital cameras and personal websites people have an excellent opportunity to show pictures off in living color to family and friends and share them with anyone else in the world in a short period of time.

People have been able to post photos and videos online and no longer feel the need to use a computer to do it. They have been exposed to telephonic and electronic technologies that allow them to send photos through the internet while using their cellular telephone connection. People have harnessed the power of sharing photos with the world and have furthered the pursuit of a better career by attaching photos to resumes.

Some uses for photos may be purely personal. Some photo images can be quite intimate and are created solely to be shared between the closest of friends. People have learned how to take photos through a variety of avenues, but the most preferred is the World Wide Web. Some people have formed discussion groups on the Net so that they can explore all the possibilities of photo sharing and the techniques that make photos an art form.

People focus on learning about photo sharing groups to get the most out of the photographic viewing possibilities that are opened to them. Some photos are placed on the Net in galleries and are visitors regularly by people just as someone would show interest in a photograph if it hung in a art gallery. People share photos because the views created in a view finder are enjoyable to many people on Earth.

Some of the photo websites are regularly used by people for storage purposes only. People might not trust the old computer they have at home and do not want to take the chance that the hard drive will crash and cause them to lose a photo collection that might have taken years to create. Other people create family histories and create personal websites that can be viewed by many people at once.

Photos remind people of events that happened during their life and document world events that occur in the present and the past. The images captured in photographs can be historical events that should never be forgotten and each time the image is shared, another person is added into the fold to ensure that the image remains timeless. Photos are meant to be shared because time stands still for nobody and some photos can freeze time long enough for some people to find a new beginning.
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