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Email Marketing - Building An Opt-in List Lightning Fast For Free!

Nov 14, 2007
Unless you have been hiding under a rock, I'm sure that you have heard that the "money is in the list". If you don't have an opt-in email list then you are missing out on a whole lot of revenue.

In this article you will learn of a very powerful technique that will not only build your list quickly, but will also increase sales and it won't cost you a dime to put into practice, even a total newbie can do it!

The technique I'm talking about are joint ventures. Now before you hit the back button, hear me out, this list building technique is often overlooked or passed over, especially by newbie's who think they don't have what it takes to even think about starting a joint venture.

Joint ventures aren't complicated, don't worry if you think you don't have any "credibility" either, it doesn't matter, ANYONE can do this, it just takes a little effort and a few simple guide lines to follow.

The Product

Your product needs to be good, don't think you can throw a bunch of articles together and call it an e-book, if you are selling e-books they must be of original content that is useful to the buyer, it doesn't matter if you're selling them for $7 or $97, or how good your sales page is, if your product isn't of any helpful information you will be inundated with refund requests.

You don't have to write a 50 page report either, you can make money from just ONE page, it's the VALUE of what is written that counts.

Finding Joint Venture Partners

Look for top sites in your niche, you are looking for people who have large opt-in list, for example, if your product is about dog training, search on Google for "dog training" and look at the sites with the top results, they will usually have a "contact us" link somewhere.

Check out the forums, blogs and ezine owners in your niche, you only need a few people with big opt-in lists to say "yes" to your joint venture offer to get you well on your way to building your own list and making some money.

Contacting Joint Venture Partners

This is where you need to work smart, you can't send and email to the website owner with the subject "Joint Venture Proposal" an expect them to respond, they won't even read your message, they're busy people and they get several proposals a week.

Make it personal in both your subject line and text, always use the list owners first name, be friendly, comment about their site or ezine etc, a bit of grovelling doesn't do any harm.

Offer them the best deal you can, remember they get several proposals a week, make yours stand out from the crowd, make them an offer they can't refuse, even if you give them 100% profit on each product sold it doesn't matter as your primary goal is to build your opt-in list, you can make money on your backend sales and follow-ups once you have built your list.

Remember, this technique isn't just for the "guru's" or "heavy hitters", anyone can do this, it works, it's easy to do, and just a couple of joint venture partners can make a very big impact on both your opt-in list and sales.
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