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Usage Of Visual Basic Script In Professional Web Design

Nov 15, 2007
Visual basic script which is a subset of visual basic language was designed for scripting on web pages. When you look at visualbasic language and compare it to VB script you essentially see the script as a striped down version of the language. VB script code like java script is embedded in the hypertext markup language document.

VB script is much easier to learn such as java, C or ++ and other scripting languages such as java script. Derived from the basic language, VB script should not be difficult for everyone who has a computer programming experience. With hyper text mark up language you can place controls such as buttons and text boxes on a web page. Without a scripting language such as visual basic script any action that the user takes on the controls of a web page must be sent back to the web page server. With visualbasic script you can link to controls on the web page and also write code to respond to what user does with those controls.

The web pages can ask questions and respond to the user's answers. Visual basic script lets the user interact with the web page by taking input from the user and checking the data to make sure it is valid or needs some criteria. Then it can put an internet server to work by actually storing the data or causing some actions to take place on the server based on the user's input.

VB script can play an important role in many ways like validating data, providing interactive responses, and initiating data storage. Visualbasic script can also perform calculations on data, such as computing the cost of an item that includes sales tax. Another important aspect of this programming model is that you can also use intrinsic hypertext markup language form controls and Microsoft's active x controls with visual basic script to give web pages an attractive look and feel. Intrinsic hypertext mark up language form controls give the web page developer a standard set of controls similar to those used in windows environment.

Active x controls include graphs and charts, labels that can be rotated by three hundred and sixty degrees, banners that can remain on web page for as many days as you want, a timer that enables you to time events on web pages, a pre load function that lets you load between bit maps and other time consuming parts of a web page before it gets displayed and so on. These controls give web pages a professional look. Designers can also place active x custom controls directly on web pages in the windows environment.
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