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Do You Have Super Affiliates?

Nov 15, 2007
When you start to research affiliate marketing, on term you will come across again and again is super affiliate.

Affiliate managers look for these people because they are the best of the best. A super affiliate can just about guarantee that the affiliate program they sign up with will be a success.

A super affiliate is someone who can generate sales in volume. It is difficult to determine exactly when a person becomes a super affiliate. Because of the different affiliate programs that are available, determining who is and who is not a super affiliate by dollar amount is very tricky. Those who own the affiliate programs have their own ideas of what a super affiliate is, and as such may claim to have the best super affiliates.

When you start your search for super affiliates, you might think that you are going to spend a long time searching. However, you may have super affiliates all around you and not even know it. Family, friends, and business associates may be the best you will find. Super affiliates are good and they know it. They have the biggest websites, and the longest lists. Their newsletters are more information and a lot of influence with the people on their lists.

When you are looking for an affiliates in a specific market, all you need to do is research with keywords that relate to that market and you will find as many affiliates as you need. It is important that you use different keyword to ensure that you get as many links as possible.

Pay close attention to the websites that pop up on your search. If one site keeps coming up again and again then chances are that it is very popular. It is also very important that you look at all of the sites that appear on your search. Look for ads, reviews, and affiliate links. This will be a sign of affiliate activity.

Once you have found affiliates that you are interested in, it is time to recruit them. It is important that you understand that other people will want the same affiliates. It is important that you offer the affiliates the best options possible. As an affiliate manager, you want your product or services to sell, and you need to give your affiliates incentive to promote your site.

One thing that you need to make sure of is that the product you are promoting is reaching the right target market. It is pointless to try and sell share of a burger stand to a vegetarian. When you meet with prospective affiliates, it is important that you stay positive and up beat. When you take the time to personalize your standard letter, you need to be very friendly.

When you are promoting a digital product, one option that you have is to send a sample with the email newsletter. Also, if you have a product, sending a small sample will determine if it will sell well or not.

Super Affiliates are in great demand. They know they are good and expect to be compensated accordingly. When you are negotiating to hire a super affiliate, promise him or her the world, but only if you can deliver. Offering special bonuses and commissions will entice him or her into accepting your offer.

It will take time to establish a relationship between you and your super affiliate. He or she will most likely be skeptical at first, however once you have one them over, you will find that your business cannot survive without them.
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