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5 Resources No Affiliate Program Should Be Without

Nov 15, 2007
When you decide to start an affiliate program, it is important to understand that it will take time for it to become successful. Affiliates are there to assist you in promoting your products and services, they are your sales force, and as such, it is your responsibility to provide as much resource information as possible to help them succeed. There are specific guidelines you should follow in order to assure that your affiliates will do the best that they can.

Training Materials- seasoned veterans of affiliated marketing will probably have their own customers and contacts. They will have their own email and mailing lists of customers that they have worked with in the past. However, when you have an affiliate that is a novice, it is important that you provide them with the resources they need to get them started in your affiliated marketing program. Remember, if you are an affiliate manager, you need to do all you can for your affiliates so they in turn can do all they can for you.

Sample Emails- email marketing is perhaps the greatest way to increase sales. You are targeting many different people at the same time. however, there is a trick to email marketing.

When you send an email, you have to capture the reader's attention from the subject line on. The message itself has to keep the readers attention to the very end. Writing is a talent, and not everyone has it. Assisting your affiliates in writing an email is the best way to ensure that your message is getting through in a creative manner. One way to do this is to provide pre written emails to your affiliates so they can send them to their mailing list.

Ads- Placing ads is a good way to market your product, however it should not be relied upon solely. Seasoned affiliates have found that by displaying small ads on different websites and adding a few graphics, that their sales actually increased.

Articles- The Internet is a wonderful place to obtain information. It is a vast source of knowledge that millions of people use to find information on just about anything they can think of. When you provide that they can use on the website and blogs, your are assisting them in driving traffic to their website and allowing them to view your products or services. When the article is well written, you are assured that the reader will take their time in viewing the website.

Special Reports: brandable reports are a special type of report that you can give to your affiliates. What makes the reports special is that your affiliate can replace the links in the report with their own links. These special reports can be used as a free gift thereby enticing people to become members of their list.

When you provide the proper tools to your affiliates, you are enabling them to do a great job of promoting your products. The benefit to them is that they gain the reputation of being a great affiliate and you benefit by the sales that they promote. It is a win-win situation.
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