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Ezines As A Marketing Tool

Nov 15, 2007
As compared to advertising in other forms, advertisements placed in ezines, which can often be in the form of newsletters that are sent online, not only allows the marketers to communicate faster with their target audience, but also in a way that is less expensive. The subscribers, whose number is in millions, read thousands of ezines on the Internet. So, ezines are among the most powerful marketing tools.

Ezines can be marketed very effectively, by making use of viral marketing methodology. Tutorials, tips, news and other such information that could be of value, if provided in the ezines, can lead to subscribers forwarding these to friends, family members or even business associates.

Graphics and other applications that technology has made available, have helped transform ezines from their earlier, text-only avatar, which was lack-luster. Publishing of ezines is, therefore, much different from the years gone by, when these were mainly published by amateurs. The quality of content has also undergone vast improvements from the initial stages.

Ezines can, in this manner, advertise the companies' products and services, potentially, to millions of readers, by communicating their web-address to the readers, even if any text or banner advertisements are not placed inside the ezine.

The following can assist in promoting the ezine through viral advertisement and marketing:

1. After a topic has been selected, websites containing information related to it can be located online through the various search engines, as well as through appropriate offline resources.

2. Along with information collection, any websites offering resources for free, for assisting with locating useful data related to the topic, should also be carefully made a note of and, later on, the URLs or links to the URLs should be provided in the article.

3. Besides providing free resources, the content should be written in a style that is interesting enough and the material should be organized in a systematic manner. For this, as mentioned before, carrying out thorough research, online as well as offline, is vital. Additionally, care has to be taken while choosing a topic and it should be of interest to the target audience.

4. Subtlety has to be applied while promoting services or products through an ezine. The ezine should contain some genuine information that is likely to be of value to the readers, instead of being mainly comprised of material that can only be described as sales copy. This kind of viral marketing and advertising is distinct from trying to achieve similar purposes through marketing campaigns based on email as the major tool.

5. The company's web address, as well as relevant email addresses, should be provided in a resource box, pasted towards the end of the ezine.

6. It is best not to publish material that has been freshly written, but to have the writer re-edit it, some time after he or she has finished writing, if an editor is not immediately available for making the necessary improvements. Laying emphasis on quality can dramatically improve the chances of an ezine being passed on repeatedly, by the subscribers and to those whom they pass it on.

The ezines, if these have contents that include information of value to the target audience, are passed on at a pace that is much faster than 'word of mouth' publicity. Some have chosen to term this as 'word of mouse' advertising, as the computer mouse is used for forwarding the ezines. The geographical reach of this kind of advertising can also be farther reaching, obviously, than many other forms of advertising that have traditionally been in use.

Promotional tools and techniques that form part of viral marketing have been made good use of by many marketers, through ezines as well. These include securing referrals from subscribers, in return for which they are offered incentives. Some companies conduct contests, etc., wherein the chances of winning can often be improved by providing the contact details of those who are likely to be interested in the ezine or in the services or products offered to consumers by the company. The details of the contest and means for participation are often included in the ezines or on the companies' websites, on the page where the subscription details for the ezine are provided.

If the company has an affiliate program, all affiliates should also be provided with copies of the ezine.
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