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Nov 15, 2007
In factories, warehouses, and even in mechanic's workshops, there are always items that need to be moved around. While it can sometimes seem tempting for staff to simply pick up an object and move it, it is vital that the proper industrial carts are supplied in the workplace, and a culture of care is instilled to prevent accidents and injury.

Back problems are one of the biggest costs to American industry, with millions of days lost every year due to staff getting injured in the workplace and being unable to work as a result. In the main, injuries are caused by improper lifting technique. The best way of avoiding your staff from getting injured is to minimize the amount of lifting and carrying that they have to carry out by ensuring that you have industrial carts available to move things from one location to another.

While fork lift trucks and pallet lifters are essential when managing a warehouse in which extremely large quantities are being moved around at any one time, in a factory, it is normally the case that items are moved as single entities, or at the most a couple of items, and rather than having a large fork lift passing through a busy working environment, it makes much more sense to load items onto a platform truck and then distribute them individually throughout the work area.

Aside from minimizing staff exposure to potential back injuries, using industrial carts also ensures that goods are protected. If low quality industrial carts and trolleys that have not been designed for the purpose of moving heavy items are employed in a factory or warehouse, there is a high risk of the cart failing in use due to being overloaded. This will inevitably result in any items being carried getting seriously damaged, but can also cause injury to the operator. Because the incorrect equipment has been provided, they will have grounds to take the employer to court for damages, and this can prove extremely costly in the modern system.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right industrial carts for your workplace. One of the most important factors that govern which truck is best suited to the job is the size of the workplace and the amount of space available for distribution of components or materials amongst staff. One a number of occasions, people have invested in a range of platform trucks that are simply too wide to fit between banks of benches. This results in any goods having to be unloaded and then carried by hand to wherever they are required, negating the value of having the industrial cart in the first place.

If you are in the process of considering an investment in industrial carts for your business, then make sure that you choose not only the right models, but also the right manufacturer. While it may be a short term benefit to buy cheaply, this can cause problems in the longer term, as low quality equipment will not last well, and over time, will always cost you more than investing in high quality stock from the outset.
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