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How To Pick An Article Topic To Write About

Nov 15, 2007
Pretend you were at a networking event to learn about a particular topic. You would probably have the opportunity to mingle with a cross section of people ranging from learners to mentors in that field. Knowing that, would you choose to speak with a person who had a lot of experience on the subject at hand or who someone who knew enough about it to engage in a reasonably intelligent conversation?

Most people know a little bit about everything and some know a whole lot about a few things. The chances of learning something significant from the someone who knows a little about everything is slim to none. That is why people seek out mentors at seminars, on television, or at school. In order to expand our knowledge we must speak with or listen to people whom have immersed themselves in a given topic.

These individuals who take on the role of mentor, guru, and teacher are experts in an area of study, industry trend, or practice because they have devoted years of learning, testing and studying facts from many different areas and whom have themselves benefited from the teachings of other mentors along with way.

Some people are motivated by making a difference in the lives of other people while others hope to make a living by selling products, services and information. Whatever the reason, these mentors understand their responsibility in imparting their knowledge on others and uphold a certain standard to present the information as accurately and informatively as possible.

As an article writer, you must uphold this gold standard as well in order to impart your knowledge on people reading your article who have turned to you to learn something they did not know or understand before reading your words of wisdom. That said, you do not have to be a teacher or professional researcher, but you should be well versed in a subject.

It can be anything ranging from science, business, and society to paper doll making, repairing antiques, to buying the perfect gift. You can even write about your favorite cookie recipe. Whatever it is, you should know it like the back of your hand and feel good about sharing your information and expert point of view with others.

Once you write your article, you will want to get the most exposure for it. The best way is to research places on the Internet that focus on that particular subject. These include niche article sites, forums, and newsgroups. This way you can be sure that your article will be truly welcomed and read with interest. It is also a good way to meet other people with similar interests.

Networking is a very important component of establishing yourself as either an expert or someone actively involved in a niche community. You will have the opportunity to get your name out there, establishing relationships and learn even more about your subject then you could ever imagine!

It could be the start of something really big for you. Who know, maybe you will be the next keynote speaker at an annual conference on your topic. Think big and big things will happen!
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