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How To Advance Your Career

Nov 15, 2007
Many individuals are growing tired of working in a low-paying, unfulfilling job and are taking the necessary steps to advance their career. With the great number of resources now available, people can advance their careers and find better jobs in the field of their choice.

The U.S. Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration suggests helpful programs that will allow individuals to further their careers. They have a variety of suggestions on how to start a new career, how to build on an existing career, and how to research the best job opportunities. They provide access to worker's rights, showing employment laws and regulations that can help individuals find better work and establish proper working conditions. This section also gives details on the wages and benefits of various job fields, helping to give more information to those looking for a new career. The department also has a special section reserved to help individuals deal with unemployment while they search for new jobs and establish their new careers. They have links to different unemployment insurance providers and provide services through OneStop, which is an accredited organization that helps unemployed people find jobs and inspiration and encouragement. All of these resources can be found at www.doleta.gov/jobseekers.

For most people, a simple certification program or degree is all they need to further their career and find a better job. Nowadays, more and more well-known universities and colleges are providing courses online to help individuals earn a degree while still working, thus adding convenience and flexibility. The Directory of Online Colleges gives a listing of schools that provide various degrees and certificates for those wanting to further their careers. Some of the more popular schools are the University of Phoenix, DeVry University, AIU Online, and Kaplan University. Most of these schools give the option of earning an associates, bachelors, masters, or Ph. D. while studying online.

About.com offers several helpful suggestions to individuals interested in advancing their careers. They suggest making a good impression in current jobs even if they do not plan on staying at the company. This effort will lead to better recommendations and allow them to be hired somewhere else faster. The site also suggests utilizing the networks in their current jobs and making lasting connections. Most workers today are hired in part due to their professional relationships because most employers want workers they feel they already know. If people are able to make good connections then they will be able to meet more employers and have access to better jobs. The site's last suggestion is to have a mentor who will give advice and help make suggestions on good career moves. These mentors are great assets because they have already gained success in their industry and are usually willing to help newcomers in any way they can.

For those people who simple want to be promoted at their current company, there are several things they can do to better their chances of receiving a promotion. They should first have a good understanding of the goals they want to accomplish in the company. After they set these goals, they should find ways to accomplish the goals. Closely analyzing the company's prior strategies and finding ways to improve upon them is usually the most effective way to reach the established goals. The hardest part for these individuals is trying to find out where they fit in the equation and how they will be able to make a significant contribution to the company. Once they establish their position, then they can come up with a successful proposal to take to their superiors.

Whether individuals have the desire to be promoted or start a new career altogether, there are many valuable resources available to make the process easier. If people learn the proper networking skills or earn the proper certification, they will increase their chances to climb the corporate ladder. If individuals utilize their skills and improve upon them, they should have no problem advancing their career or starting a better job in no time.
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