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Business + Fun = Great Lifestyle

Nov 15, 2007
Every business should have a little fun scattered throughout the company. Enjoy your successes and learn to deal with your failures. Loosen up and start smiling... laugh a little... and the world will laugh with you. And if laughter is too big a step, smiling works perfectly - it cost nothing to give and when you do, you usually receive it back; Now that's what I call a win/win situation!

Be silly occasionally, socialise in your industry, stay away from miserable people and learn to pace yourself. Stop doing any work you hate and outsource it. If you can avoid it, do not hire people that do not know how to have fun. If you already have members of staff that bring other people down, see if there is a legal way to let them go gradually!

Customers are the cornerstone of every business and they need some laughter in their lives. When your customers call you, sound happy to hear their voice. They might just call you more often. If you can find a way of making their lives just a little more pleasurable, they are much more likely to remember you when placing the next order.

If your employees have fun working for you they are more likely to be committed to your business goals. Encourage your staff to achieve more by making their working life energising and more exciting. Plan something unexpected, give little gifts and organise a day out. It doesn't have to be during working hours...

People can sense the mood their boss is in. If you are not having fun running your business, how can you expect your customers and staff to feel motivated? If your business bores you... sell it!

Some people believe that they are not allowed to have fun when they are working. Times have changed and some business owners now work almost every single waking hour, 6 days a week! When are you ever going to have time to have some fun if you are working all the time?

Did you know: It takes 7 muscles to smile and 14 muscles to frown?

I used to work for a company in Dundee many years ago. They spent quality time organising events for their members of staff. They inspired me to work harder knowing that the company did care for my welfare.

This business was inspirational in the way they used fun and games to allow us employees to see a different side of management. It was great being able to beat my boss in a fun environment playing amusing games!

A few words of warning; watch how you handle young, immature members of staff as they might not be able to handle some fun and keep on working at the same time. Also avoid alcohol and gambling as a means of adding some fun in business. Going down this route could potentially create more problems than the fun it serves to bring!

Work hard and play hard... add a little fun... and enjoy the rat race!
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