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Overcoming The Fear of Starting a Home Based Business

Aug 17, 2007
Thinking of starting your very own home based business but fear of failure prevents you from doing it? The largest obstacle in starting your own business on line is you. What will it cost? Am I smart enough? Will I make enough money to cover my investment? How will I compete with other similar on line ventures? These are questions that every new entrepreneur have? It is fair to say that these are normal concerns.

An online business is not something you can pick up and start with no money or without doing any research. Even successful online business owners have the fear factor of money. It can be very frightening not knowing where the money will be coming from. This concern of many is how much money will I need, how much time must I spend on my business, where do I begin, how long will it take to be successful, who can help me, coach me to insure my success?

Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is the main ingredient. Without it you won't even begin to succeed on line or any other endeavor in life. Napoleon Hill said in his book Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude "never underestimate the repellent power of a negative mental attitude. It can prevent life's lucky breaks from benefitting you. To become an expert achiever it takes practice.... practice... practice." Greatness comes to those who develop a burning desire to achieve higher goals." Your attitude will predetermine the amount of success you have. If you think you can't succeed you obviously won't. Just like any other endeavor your attitude is not measured by how well you think but how well you think you can. You will stumble each day but you can remain on your feet by maintaining that positive attitude day in and day out.

Set the stage for success and overcoming fear by doing research. Emulate those who are successful. They have already made the mistakes and now have found the formula for success. Only through your own action will you overcome any fear you may have. Successful people are risk takers. Wealthy people are risk takers. The most outstanding athletes although gifted in their field are risk takers.

Money although always a concern should not be an obstacle preventing you from starting your own business. Yes, you do need money to start an online business. Don't let anybody tell you likewise. If you are serious about starting your own home based business, you can do it on a shoestring budget and build on it from there. The steps to the top will take longer but you will succeed but only if you want to.

Being successful online is not a footrace but a marathon that must be done at a steady pace stride for stride. Be a goal setter and a achiever. By establishing goals and milestones you will see success one step at a time.

Don't become depressed it will only hold you back and result in a negative attitude.. Not too long ago I was diagnosed with diabetes 2. I was depressed and full of self pity and wondered how God could do that to me. By blaming God I was removing blame from me. I did not know anything about diabetes so I attended the diabetes education class sponsored by my hospital. After attending the seven hour class I came to the conclusion that I caused much of my dilemma by allowing myself to gain weight, through poor diet and exercise. I then took back my life by eating properly and exercising. I set myself goals and developed a positive attitude to achieve those goals. I have since lost about 30 pounds and feel great. I thanked God for giving me another chance. What I am saying is don't let anything get you down and hold you back. The only person to blame for failure is yourself. You can accomplish whatever you set your mind to do. Always review your goals and adjust them as necessary. Always reward yourself for accomplishment and set the bar higher for the next go around.

Competition is really a major fear among all of us. If you have a job and work for somebody you really don't have to worry about competitors only if you are in sales. Imagine on the internet having over thousands of competitors vying for the same customers. Don't fret. Keep in mind the internet is a huge community and getting larger. There is enough potential customers for everybody. It just takes guts, drive, ingenuity and of course PMA. I always look at my competition and see what they are doing and adjust my approach as needed.. Hey this is a business, they won't just come because you built it.

Fear of being alone in this endeavor? There are many forums that are loaded with experts and newbes alike. Join them and participate. You will find and meet many new friends and learn more from these little meetings of the minds then from anything else. There is no question or concern considered stupid. We have all been there and understand the fears and concerns of all new entrepreneurs. I am old but not too old to learn. I am not an expert and ten years from now I still won't consider myself an expert. I learn something every day from these forums. Although my online business is a business and I treat it as such I enjoy it more like a hobby. I am not rich from it yet but I do make money and it continues to grow.

If you are considering starting your own business set your fears aside as most of us have and follow your dreams and become your own boss. There is nothing like it. It is something that belongs only to you and you have the say whether you succeed or fail.

With lots of PMA, guts, and desire you can make it happen but first you have to take the first step believing in yourself.
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Carl Hoffman is a retired Army Sergeant Major who has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience. He has many online ventures and author of many articles on sales, leadership and marketing.

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