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Using SMS to Market to Customers

Nov 16, 2007
The key to any successful business is its customers, after all without customers no business can survive. If your company is struggling to attract new, or maintain existing customers, you are probably in tricky financial times, with high stress levels and low motivation, which starts compounding the problems. The answer is simple, keep your customers happy and they will return, and typically, bring their stakeholders.

There are many ways to keep customers happy, some are short term solutions - a quick fix, but some can build strong, prosperous bonds that benefit both parties for years. The easiest way to stay in your customers' minds is simply communication. Staying in contact with clients, even occasional contact with one time only clients, demonstrates your company is not just selling a product to as many people as possible without a second thought. Additionally it creates a more approachable view of your company and services, as well as hopefully reminding them of successful previous transactions with a view to possible future transactions.

Every business, big or small, communicates with customers in different ways, flyers, emails, letters etc. however few businesses are as technologically up to date as their customers. Text messaging has been around for many years, but really only took off in the last decade, however it is probably not one of the first communication method that springs to mind. SMS messaging is a perfect platform for communicating with customers, it is quick, cheap and can spread the word to as many willing customers as you can get!

The advantages of SMS communication is clear, for instance imagine you bought a product you really enjoy, be it a gadget, service, piece of art or whatever and you then received a text to let you know the next version is now available from the same shop. It would definitely leave a good impression in my mind and a call to action to get the new product.

If your customers did agree to receive promotional text messages just from your company but then unfortunately decided they would not like to receive further messages, they can easily opt out without feeling pressured or hassled.

Many business, no matter how technically advanced their products or services are, could benefit by communicating with customers via SMS. It is a polite and effective way of providing that extra bit of customer service that is a proven winning formula to successful businesses!
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John Mcelborough is an SMS expert writing on behalf of PageOne. Find out more about SMS customer communication to see how it could improve your business. PageOne offer complete SMS packages, for any business wanting to send bulk SMS.
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