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Simplify and Duplicate: Two Key Elements of Any Multi-Level Marketing System

Nov 16, 2007
Simplicity in networking a multi-level marketing business is essential to success. Not only do you need to have a quality product or service, similar to a traditional business, you need to have a simple networking plan that is easy for new recruits to duplicate. This duplication process is necessary for the multi-level marketing aspect of your business to thrive.

A complicated networking system will only decrease the success of a multi-level marketing business. Even if you are able to utilize a complex networking infrastructure yourself, those who sign up under you may not fare as well. Not all entrepreneurs are adept at communication and sales skills. A universally accessible and easy to understand system that can be used by even the newest member of your multi-level marketing team will best serve your business. A system that is appropriate for an 18 year old fast-food employee as well as an 80 year old volunteer is the ultimate goal.

There are several aspects that should NOT be included in your networking plan.

Time consuming concepts, intricate training processes and any resources that are not readily accessible by the general public should all be avoided.

Wordy sales pitches should be avoided. A sales pitch should be condensed down to the basic information in everyday terms and should be delivered with enthusiasm and confidence.

High pressure sales techniques and complex interpersonal interactions have no place in multi-level marketing.

Your networking plan cannot be time consuming. Most customers will not stay interested and focused for more than a few minutes unless the sales pitch is phenomenal and most business owners are unable to smoothly deliver a lengthy presentation.

Your networking presentation should be quick to learn, easy to remember and simple to understand so that new recruits can deliver the pitch with ease and confidence. Keep the facts honest, to the point and all inclusive. Concealing important information will be considered dishonest by consumers and will most likely cost you the sale.

Your networking framework should not be burdened with unnecessary sales techniques, product details or drawn out pleas for a buy in. Find out what motivates your target audience, adapt a sales pitch to meet their needs and give them the bottom line of the deal. You should choose wording that creates interest and excitement in your product or opportunity. If you believe in your product, present a positive mental attitude and teach others on your multi-level marketing team to do the same, you will then be on your way to a successful home-based business.

As you develop and adapt your networking plan, ask yourself if the changes are easy to duplicate. If they are, then your plan is sound for multi-level marketing success. Keep it simple and make sure that others can follow in your footsteps without venturing too far outside their own comfort zone. A confident, positive and enthusiastic sales pitch is far better than a complex, lengthy presentation when aiming for success with a multi-level marketing business.
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