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Six Steps To a Successful Home Internet Business

Nov 16, 2007
It's Monday morning. You're stuck in traffic again. You start to dream of setting up your own internet business and working from home. Stop dreaming and take action now.

With the maturity of the internet, building a home based internet business is becoming a reality for many people. However there is something you should know before you start on your exciting journey to a new life.

I gave up the drive to work years ago and I've been successfully running a home based Internet business since then. It's not always easy but there are six simple steps which keep me successful. Let me share them with you.

Be disciplined.

It's easy to get side tracked working from home. There are so many other things that attract your attention. It's easy to find you have the perfectly kept house but a failing internet business, so stay focussed on your business. You really should set up one room in the house as your office. Once in there you can shut the door and really focus on your internet business.

Get organised.

You are setting up a business, so you really need to be organised. This is easier if you have set aside a room as your office. Stock it with all the items you need. Computer and printer are obvious! However think about stationary and filing. I have a whiteboard next to my PC on which I write all my important to do's. I also have a calendar with all the important dates (eg: when tax documents are due etc).

Family and Friends

If you work at home, it's easy for Family and Friends to think you are available for other things. "As you are at home today, can you pick up the shopping" etc. It can be really frustrating how working from home can be seen as not a "proper" job. Keep to strict business hours and spend the time working on your internet business. If you don't and you start wasting the time on other things you will just reinforce any prejudices that you aren't really doing a proper job.

Getting your website noticed takes time

When building a home based internet business you need to accept that getting noticed by the search engines can take months, especially if you are using a new domain. Using Pay per Click can get immediate results but if can be costly if you get it wrong. In our forum we have a Google Adwords Beginners Guide. It will save your time and money.

Learn about keywords

Keywords are king. If you are not using keywords properly on your website then you are in serious trouble. Get keywords right and you will sail ahead of the competition. It's that simple. A well optimised website using the right keywords for your internet business will reward you time and time again.

Learn to do your own web optimisation

There are many companies offering optimisation services. This might be ideal if you really don't have the time or the inclination. However it can cost you some serious money and it's not always successful. There are quite a few so called "expert" who are talking a lot of rubbish.

Optimising your website really is easy. You can do it yourself and once you've learnt the tricks you really are the best person to do. You know your business. You know your customers and so you know what words they are likely to use to find you.

And finally

Above all enjoy the journey. Enjoy building a home based internet business.
About the Author
Vernon Riley is a founder of KKSmarts who offer support to Internet Businesses. They offer a Free Search Engine Optimisation course.
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