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Job Search Networking . . . Your Hottest Job-Finding Tool!

Nov 16, 2007
You've heard of "word of mouth," right? If you're job hunting, it's another way of saying "job search networking."

Advertisers know that word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways of getting a product known. Well, it applies to job hunting, as well. And, if you can see yourself as a product, then you can take advantage of the remarkable tool as part of your job search.

Unfortunately, most job seekers don't use job search networking . . . or they misuse it. But, if you can master it, you can turn your time looking for a job into a matter of days instead of spending weeks or months pursuing old-fashioned job search methods.

So, whether you're looking for a new job or making some other career change, the way you go about finding the majority of available jobs is to take advantage of "word of mouth." That means you systematically employ the proven job search strategy called "job search networking."

Very simply, it's a vital tool for gathering information, talking to the right people and locking up an opportunity that's right for you. Now, you can try to do that by distributing or posting your resume . . . and waiting for the phone to ring

Or you can discover how quickly you can make things happen by accessing other people, especially ones you already know I It's really quite simple and straightforward. The only complication is your reluctance to look like you're asking other folks for a job. But that's a no-no in this application of job search networking.

For example, if you can put that notion of asking for a job aside and, instead, approach others for "advice," you'll be amazed at how helpful folks are willing to be to "advise" you.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of job search networking:

1. Have your ducks in a row. Know precisely what you are looking for that's consistent with your talents and capabilities. And practice representing yourself out loud before you approach anyone.

2. Never ask anyone for a job or to find you a job. Always ask for advice. It puts you and your contact at ease. And they will feel much more comfortable opening doors for you if they don't feel under pressure, and you don't appear as desperate.

3. Prepare a contact bank. This is list of people you know who would be pleased to offer advice. Or they can introduce you to someone who can be helpful.

4. Be an assertive listener. Your task here is to acquire as much information and insight as possible. And then, when appropriate, ask your contact to introduce you to other people who can advance your networking. Some of these introductions may mean direct access to a decision-maker who may have an opportunity for you.

Your job search blues can be quickly resolved when you master the skills of networking. When you do it right, you can dramatically move the odds in favor of locking up a good job in a matter of days!
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