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Tips For Affiliate Success

Nov 16, 2007
If you want to make money pretty easily, an affiliate program may be the way to go. It's a good way to sell products and let others do most of the work while you have the time and freedom to work on other things, such as improving the product itself or developing other things to offer. One of your most important concerns is your affiliates success.

You need to give your affiliates the tools they need to succeed, or they won't. Here are some ways you can help your affiliates be successful.

First, use creatives. One of the ways to do this is to use graphics, links and other tools that you provide your affiliates. If you offer your affiliates a choice, they can promote products and services in a way that works best for them. While some affiliates may prefer text links, for example, others may like graphics better.

Second, give them numbers that they can use. Affiliates like to know at a glance how well they are doing. Most affiliate software includes a way to check statistics, including the percentage of clicks they get that result in sales, the average amount of sales per click, and so forth. You need to make sure that your affiliates can use these features so that they'll stay motivated.

Third, provide content. Affiliates usually sell through their web site or through e-mail newsletters. In order to have a successful newsletter, they need to have quality content. If you provide them articles they can use, it will help them to not just provide better content, but sell your products more efficiently and effectively.

Fourth, encourage your affiliates to write their own content. Article marketing can get your affiliate links on other web sites. Your affiliates can write articles that incorporate their links and then submit them to article directories that other webmasters can use.

Fifth, have meetings. If you run your affiliate program online, you can use online chat software or conference calls to get your affiliates together "virtually." Although it's not likely you'd want to have your affiliates meet in person, it's very effective to have a gathering of everyone together online. This not only gives you the opportunity to connect with your affiliates, but they can network with each other as well. This is even more effective than keeping personal contact with your affiliates, although this, too, is also necessary.

Sixth, keep in touch with your affiliates. You can start an affiliate newsletter, which contains affiliate success stories, promotions, incentives or new products that affiliates can use. Most affiliates belong to more than one program, so if they envision you as someone who gives them enough attention, they'll focus on your program, because they know that you value what they have to say.

Seventh, keep your door open. To feel both valued and to be as successful at sales as they need to be, affiliates need to know they can be in touch with you. Many affiliate programs lack easy access to management, but this is exactly what you must do. Again, this is not only important for affiliate morale, but it will ultimately translate to better sales and a healthier business.

By keeping affiliates informed and giving them the tools to enhance their sales, it will give you increased sales and profits as well. Of course, this takes some time, but after all, this is what you're there for. It is as important to you for your affiliates to succeed as it is to them. It's the only way, in fact, to have a successful program.
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