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How Do you get Traffic

Aug 17, 2007
Traffic is the single most important thing when it comes to surviving on the web. If noone comes to your sight how are you going to sell or bring you opportunitity to the attention of the public. With out traffic your website is simple an unknown spot in cyber space. There are many factors in getting traffic to your sight.

Search Engines are the major source of traffic for any website. High search engine ranking can boost number of your visitors and in turn leads to increase in sales. The best way to get top search engine placement is to improve link popularity by having one way inbound links from theme based sites or pages, with different optimized anchor text, from different IP Class blocks and domains. This can easily be achieved by buying Internet web directory listings. Directory promotion is one of the best methods of website promotion. Before buying directory listing or registeration you must check the following points to ensure that you are going to get what you need.

Ensure that you are getting static text links which are also known as search engine friendly url links from such directories. Various directories use redirection method in website listing to count hits or rating. Such links are usually not indexed by search engines and you cannot get any link popularity benefit out of it.

Check the age of directory which is very important to determine its stability and quality. Universal rule is " Old is Gold". Search engines give more weight to old domains. You can check Whois record to determine the age of web directory. Many new directories disappear after few month for one or another reason.

Ensure that the web site directory editor allows using anchor text of your choice so that you can add your keyword in Title as an anchor text.

Ensure that web directory should not have too many empty categories as search engine consider them duplicate pages. It indicates the web directory is not popular and it will not give much traffic.

Ensure that the content of the sight you are promoting is relevent. Keep it close to one subject. Dont mismatch productst that dont go together. I see so many pages thes days that are riddled with links to advertismentst that the webmaster has put on there to create income. The problem is to many will turn the prospect away. Then you loose your money for paying in on the PPC advertising or loose the after effects of martketing. Which could very well be telling there friend to check out this new sight that they just say.

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