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Passive Income from Wellness eBooks

Nov 16, 2007
People crave and thirst for information and information in the wellness industry is no exception. If you enjoy writing with just a few hours a day, you can create short and informational eBooks in the wellness niche. The wellness industry is booming and people are enjoying reading about wellness related topics. You can earn a steady stream of passive income from wellness eBooks that you write or even have someone ghost write for you.

The first step in writing wellness topic eBooks is to either find a program online or purchase publishing software specifically for creating eBooks. There are places online that will create your eBook for you and even allow you to self publish. Additionally, these sites will often allow you to create a store front, reserve copies, and sell directly from their publishing services instead of creating a new web page for your wellness eBooks.

Once you have your method for publishing the eBooks, it is time to select an appropriate topic to write about. You can write on something that you know or you can do research on the topic. It is completely up to you. If you do not write much, you can even hire a ghost writer to write the book for you. You will simply need to proofread it for content and grammar. Make certain that you give the ghost writer a topic that you know about to ensure that they have provided accurate information.

You have several options for promoting your wellness eBooks. The first choice would be to publish with an online publishing company that market to people. This way you will spend less time promoting and more time writing as many eBooks as you are able to do in your spare time. Many of these web sites only charge a small fee per each eBook sold to cover their costs. This enables you to earn a passive income from wellness eBooks for many years to come for each book that you created or have ghost written for you.

Another option to generate even more passive income from wellness eBooks is to offer reprint rights to your wellness books. Reprint rights will generate even further passive income because the book will continue to make money once it has been sold to one buyer. Passive income from reprint rights can snowball and become an excellent income source for many years.
You can increase your wellness book sells by creating an affiliate program for one or more of your eBooks. Each time that an affiliate sells your book, they will receive a commission that is set by you. The more wellness books you have to offer, the more passive income you can generate. Instead of you spending time marketing your wellness eBooks, the affiliates will be doing the selling for you. You essentially have your own door to door sells as people are working hard for you.

How long should your wellness eBooks be in length? You should cover the topic fully in easy to understand words. Typically, people do not have time to read extremely long books. The majority of the eBooks that do well on the internet are 20 to 40 pages. This enables the buyer to feel like they are getting their money's worth and is not too long to read in just a few sittings during their spare time. Prices can range from five dollars to fifty dollars depending on the length and popularity of the wellness topic.
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