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Work At Home Internet Business Powered By The Fresh Content And Backlinks

Nov 16, 2007
When the ideal promotions are automated, it means that if you can give a visitor a reason to remember your work at home internet business site and come back when he needs the products, which you offer, that is called the residual traffic, the best we all are after.

1.Why The Fresh And Unique Content Is So Competitive?
Your work at home internet business is a brand, which has a certain image in the minds of the target audience. Some regard it very useful and they want to come back, some do not care about it. That is fine, because then your segmentation works well.

Actually the target segment is the group of people, which you want to visit your site. Of course this group must be big enough so that your business is profitable. However, it is not wise to try to grow your target group too big, because then there is a danger that you will loose the uniqueness of your site and marketing messages.

The content of your work at home internet business site is the main tool to segment the market, i.e. you must decide the offerings on your site and keep the profile clear and unique. If the differentiation will vanish, the brand will loose it uniqueness, and the end is close. The visitors have no more special reasons to visit your site.

There is also one big statistical reason for the fresh content: people need at least five contacts with the work at home internet business site before they start to buy. The regularly updated, fresh content site is the great reason to come back and check, what new you have to offer. And in the long term the familiarity has the impact, that they begin to trust, and the trust means easiness to buy!

2. Why Do You Need Backlinks?
All work at home internet businesses need contacts, rather regular, constant contacts. If your site has a unique fresh image, these contacts can be very permanent as a nature. So you have to build a lot of backlinks. And not whatever backlinks but links with the related, high traffic sites.

By the way a backlink means a link from another site to your site, i.e. this another site has your url on the site with the anchor text, i.e. a keyword in the hyperlink, which can also be found in the title, description or in the keyword list of your site.

There are three ways to build these backlinks: the article writing, special software or that your site visitors voluntarily bookmark your work at home internet business site. If you think the benefits of the useful, fresh content, it will make the visitors to bookmark, which is the ideal situation.

The article writing is of course very effective, because it also presells your site, which will increase the conversion rates dramatically. So I would recommend all these three methods at least in the beginning and after you have experiences, you can continue with the system, which works best.But all in all, it is the quality which is the king!
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