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The Value of Unlimited Distribution

Nov 16, 2007
Competition is incredibly high between niche topic articles on the Internet. If you have a website or products you want to promote, you need to have a foolproof marketing strategy. You wouldn't only put out a few fliers if you were going door-to-door to sell your product, so why would you only deliver your articles to one or two article directories? Unlimited directories take care of the article delivery for you.

One sure fire way to increase traffic to your website is to consistently write unique content. Content articles drive targeted traffic to your site to increase your sales and revenue. You can get noticed by writing tightly focused articles and distributing them to as many different sites as you can.

Inform Your Readers
Articles you distribute are not meant to be sales pitches, but should offer readers new information related to the topic of your website. You risk publishers turning down your articles if they contain blatant promotion. The body of the article is where you need to provide interesting material to draw your readers to your site to find out more. Keep the article to a reasonable length and make sure the title contains powerful keywords that are directly related to your topic.

Linking to Your Website
Generate a list of relevant topics and find out which keywords are searched the most before getting started. With your list in hand, you can brainstorm to come up with ideas for unique content that will pique the interest of readers. Once you hook a reader in with an informative article, you can invite them to click on the link to your website. You won't be able to discuss your website within the article, but you can post your information and a link to your website in the author's resource box.

Use the about the author portion of your submissions to establish about your qualifications, offer your website as a source of more information and provide a link to your site. Keep this section short and simple. Assuming you reach your target audience, they will ideally click on the link to your website to learn more information or make a purchase.

Submitting and Promoting Articles
The occasional article, whether it contains highly searched keywords or not, will not increase traffic and keep your stats high. It's important to submit unlimited articles to directory services and publishers to gain exposure to your site. Placing your articles on many different sites is a highly effective fundamental technique that gets you a ton of back links.

Promoting your website with unlimited article distribution is just smart business. The more one way links you get to your website the better. Search engines count these links and give your website a better page rank. This places your site higher in search results and gains more exposure for your articles.

The Value of an Unlimited Distribution Service
A service that offers unlimited distribution is priceless. Unlimited distribution allows you to reach many sites at once. Submit your articles and watch your visitor stats grow. The alternative is to manually enter your article and other information repeatedly to a wide variety of article directories; which is very time consuming.

Using an unlimited distribution service saves time and money. All you have to do is provide a quality, educational article and let the service deliver it to thousands of sites to help you get noticed.
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Tiva Kelly is the Head of Article Coaching at article marketing. She offers advice and support to authors at Article Marketer, a highly popular article distribution service. Learn how to market your small business when you submit articles through Article Marketer.
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