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How to Create an EBay Ad That Will Win Over Customers Guaranteed

Nov 16, 2007
Now, the thing with selling a product successfully on EBay really comes down to how well you are setting up your sales pages. Writing a sales page can be one of the easiest or the most difficult thing to do depending on what you are selling.

The main thing you want to do when creating a sales page is to make sure that you win your customers over, instead of them going to purchase your competitors products.

When creating a sales page, there are many different things one must take into consideration in order to win that sale. There are a few important pointers that you can follow in order to achieve these results.

First and for most, your sales page must have a captivating headline. Your headline must stand out because this is the first thing that will catch your buyers eyes. A good way to write your headline is to include the items exact name and a little description of what it has to offer. Make sure that the headline is catchy and one that will make you want to click on it.

When creating the rest of the sales page it is pretty self explanatory. You will just have to follow the simple steps that eBay will lay out for you when creating the ad. When creating the box where the description goes, remember to entice your customer.

Let them know exactly why they should buy the product and how it can benefit them.

The more you tell them how valuable the item you are selling is the more the bidder will desire to have it. Just let them know exactly what is in it for them to have that item.

Another important tip to have is to always try and offer a money back guarantee. When you do this you often tend to win the customers trust right off the bat. Although most of the time you can really offer a money back guarantee on items that are brand new. The guarantee on a new product basically promises the customer that if the package arrives in a state that was not described the customer can contact you for a refund.

When you have your description in tact then you should add a decent picture of the item you are selling. Most people bidding on items will only bid on those that have a picture. People like to see what they are buying because they want to make sure they are buying the right thing. If you dont have a camera to take a picture of what you are selling or you are selling an item that is drop shipped then you can find a picture of the exact product on the internet to use for your ad.

So, just remember to captivate your audience with the headline first because this could really break or make your sale. Make your customer fight for the product you are selling.
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