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Did Your Business Take A Beating This Summer?

Nov 17, 2007
Did you take the summer off from your business? Were things really slow for you during the summer months? This article will give you some idea's to bring back the business.

You can create new things to attract people to your website, you can change things that you already have, or you can use what you have. No matter which option you choose, you can make it work.

So, let's start with the new ideas. You can create a Squidoo lens that pertains to your business. You can create a blog for your business. You can come up with a new ad. You can create a new button or banner. You can come up with a new product or service to offer. You can join new network groups or Yahoo groups. You can even start a newsletter. You can put an ad in your local newspaper. You can post paper ads around your town or hand them out to people. You can have an open house and share your business with others. You can create Mom Packs and hand them out to people or daycares. The list is just endless. Take a few minutes and brainstorm. You will be amazed at what you will come up with.

Next, you can change things you already have in place. You can change the wording in your ad. Make changes to your website, so that people can see the difference. If you send out a newsletter, change your template or logo so you have a new look. If you send out a newsletter you can add a new topic inside the newsletter. If you have a blog you can add new things to it or change the logo or style. If you have a flyer, add a picture to it, change the font, or the color of paper you print it on. Change the information on your Squidoo lens or network page and then make a post that you made a change. Make posts that you changed your blog so that people will come and look at it. Make a post and tell everyone that you added new info to your newsletter and tell them they can sign up to receive it.

If you choose to use what you have, that's great as well. If you have ads written you can post them on Yahoo groups that you are apart of. If you are not apart of Yahoo groups, you can sign up for some. Do a search on Yahoo for advertising groups or groups that pertain to your business. You can also post them on your network groups that you are apart of. If you have buttons and/or banners, you can post them to your favorite plugboards. You can also create paper ads (using the ad from above) and post them around your town, hand them out to people you see, mail them out to past customers, or mail them to potential customers. You can do link exchanges as well. You can also submit your website to the search engines. Submit your blog to the blog directories as well.

So, if you had a slow summer and you want to jump start your business, use the tips above. Hopefully they will help you get started.
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Corrie Petersen runs a successful VA and Advertising business. Check out her website at http://www.virtualfreedom4you.com. You can also sign up for her free advertising tips newsletter at http://getyoursoload.com/advertisingtips.aspx .
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