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Google's "Big Daddy" Creates Havoc and Confusion for Website Owners

Aug 17, 2007
With today's sophisticated technology people from all over the world are able to share their ideas, share their products and network with people in their particular industry. These same website owners rely on the search engines to drive people to their websites. It does not matter to the search engines whether or not you have been around for six months or ten years. The owners of these search engines create their own particular criteria.

With Google's latest "Big Daddy" there has been more confusion and dissolution among website owners.

The following questions related to the Google and Google's "Big Daddy" seems to pop up every time a change is made:

1) My website was on page one of Google but it's on page two. What do I do now? It took me three years to get it t
2) My website was on page one of Google, now it's on page seventeen. Now no one will see my website. How am I going to survive? Will I have to lay off people?"
3) How do I get my website back on page one?
4) When will Google realize they are affecting companies all over the world?
5) My website's over two years old. How can you survive not knowing the rules?
6) Why is Google doing this?
7) Why doesn't Google help us to understand what they are doing?
8) I am so happy with this new "Big Daddy". People can finally see my website.
9) The first position website has nothing to do with the keyword search. How come Google is allowing this site?
10) How do I get Google to recognize my website?
11) Will an optimation company help to increase my search engine ranking?
12) How can one search engine compnay continue to monopolize the internet?
13) Can a website survive on pay per click alone?
14) How can I contact google to thank them for my new search engine ranking?
15) Can I count on the recent changes to my site to be permenent for the next few months?
16) How can anyone find my website?
17) What can I do to increase traffic to my website?

The concerns are valid and the approach to take when Google makes a change is really a wait a see situation. It's believed Google's "Big Daddy" relates to new data centers they are currently working with and developing. Through these new data centers comes hope that Google will recognize the value of your website and display it for all to see.

As each day passes I believe you will see more changes to the following:

* Show Google's cache of
* Find web pages that are similar to
* Find web pages that link to
* Find web pages from the site
* Find web pages that contain the term

You can find the above information by entering your website address into the search at google.com
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