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A Home Based Business Fear

Nov 18, 2007
Fear is an interesting thing. Fear is there so it is all about how we deal with it to push us forward. Fear can cause people not to achieve the things that they want, or the things they would like to do or what they are meant to do in their life. In business specifically, and you can apply this to your personal life if you want to, but specifically in a home based business fear can creep up on you in many different ways. You can be making a hundred dollars a month and fear can keep you from making a thousand or three thousand dollars a month. You can even be making ten or thirty thousand dollars a month and fear can keep you from making fifty or a hundred thousand dollars a month, or literally fear can take you away from what you were making and bring you back down to the bottom, all because of this thing called fear.

Someone told me a definition of fear a while back, probably about three or four years ago, and they said fear is a false expectation appearing real to you. It can be anywhere in your home based business when you work at home. If you are wondering how, for example, I am wondering how this pay per click will turn out, I might lose all my money. I have heard horror stories about people losing a lot of money in pay per click and what if it happens to me, I only have this amount of money, pay per click is always changing, what if they change in the future, or how many keywords do I need. All of this thinking is a false expectation in your mind appearing real to you right now. These things do go through your mind.

It can be from even creating a lead capture page to you not being able to do it or not being able to hire someone to do it for you. Or is it going to turn out right, or are people going to op-in to it, or not. I have just gone into this home based business and what do I do now, I am not getting sales, I am not moving forward. People can even have a fear of getting more sales. People would be comfortable with making a few thousand a month and even though they want to make ten thousand dollars a month or more, there is this tiny fear in them. What do I do when I get there. How do I handle that. What do I do with that money, or what would I do with the people. There are all types of feelings with fear.

It is all false thinking. We all get it, but it is how we deal with it when it comes to us. What you should do is push it out of your mind. There are some things that you can do and to tell you the truth it really comes back to controlling your mind. We have our mind and we have to control it. We can literally control the thoughts that come into our mind, the things that come through our ears, the things that we see with our eyes, we can control that. I mean, if you do not want to watch a certain television show on TV you can change the channel or you can turn the TV off. If you do not want to hear something, you can turn the TV off. If someone is talking to you and you do not want to hear what they are saying, you can tell them to shut up or you can walk away, either way you can control that situation.

Our thoughts that pop into our mind come when nobody is around us, we can control that too. If we think a though we can delete it like a computer. If you are doing something on your computer and you do not want it, you can delete the file or delete a word on Microsoft word, just click the delete button. Well, it is the same thing with us, you can say in your mind this thought just came in, so just delete it, delete it, delete that thought. I do it all the time. It is a negative thought, it is a thought that is producing fear, I want it out of my mind because I am not going to be fearful of anything. I think that living with fear is a terrible way to live. You do not find many people like this, but I fear no competition.
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