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Making Sales With Internet Video Marketing

Nov 18, 2007
Online video marketing is poised to grow rapidly and become the next big thing in Internet marketing (if it hasn't already). A video message that is well-designed is one of the most effective ways of capturing your audience and conveying your message to them.

Longer is not necessarily better when it comes to video marketing. The average web user has a very short attention span and is highly unlikely to sit through a ten-minute presentation to make sense of whatever it is you are selling or communicating. Videos need to be short and precise and more importantly, they need to capture the attention of the view in the opening seconds.

The first rule in video marketing is placing your video strategically so that it is the first thing viewers see when they arrive at your site. Making a high impact video presentation for potential customers and then tucking it away in some obscure corner of your web site is an exercise in futility. The only reason your viewer is likely to go through all the pages on your web site is if you've managed to capture their attention in the first place.

Make it obvious to your viewers that this is a short, video presentation made especially for them. In all likelihood they will overlook, or worse still ignore your video presentation if it just lies there as a captionless screenshot or with a miniscule caption. Any reader who knows he has a choice would prefer to get the necessary vital information through this short, content- rich video instead of browsing through pages and pages of documentation.

You effectively have two minutes to say your thing. Depending on how you look at it, two minutes could be an eternity or it could be a very short moment. Make those two minutes count. Make a video that sizzles and keeps your viewer glued to the spot. The secret of a successful video presentation? Attractive visuals and upbeat music accompanied by a dynamic, fast paced delivery and supported by appropriate keywords and graphics.
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