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How To Make A Career Move

Nov 18, 2007
Nowadays there are thousands of individuals who are stuck in a job in which they are over qualified and under paid. These people are spending their prime building a career they are unhappy in and dread going to work every day. Many individuals are taking the steps to better their lives and by making a career move. A recent statistic stated that individuals spend nearly eighty-five percent of their time awake at work, which creates an even bigger need for individuals to find a career that satisfies them. There are several helpful sites online that offer insight on how to make a career change that will lead more people to find a job they do not dread doing.

Thanks to the Internet, many people can find out all they need to know about changing careers. Several well-known sites are giving experienced insight into how to change careers and become a better worker. Changingcourse.com is a helpful site that lends encouragement and resources to individuals who have decided to make a career move. The site offers newsletters with inspiration and tips on starting a new career. The site also offers workshops and teleclasses that enable individuals to look at a variety of different careers before changing. They also have links to helpful articles and other tools that can encourage and educate individuals as they make their move to another career.

Brilliantwork.com is another great motivational website that encourages individuals to find a job that makes them happy. The site's belief is that happy employees make for a stronger organization and lead to a better workplace. They have a special section dedicated to helping individuals find a better job. They offer workshops, access to inspirational speakers, and career counseling to help anyone looking for a change. The site also has links to informative articles that provide insight on how to change your career successfully and other fun tips.

For a more structured look at changing careers, About.com has created a site that offers insight into making a career change. They give a more technical look at how to make a career change rather than using a motivational or friendly tone. The site offers tips on how to write an effective cover letter and resume and also give examples of each in order to help individuals improve their chances of getting hired. The site also offers helpful resources called "essentials" that show weekly job listings, job boards, and salary calculators.

Careerjournal.com is another technical site that is run by the Wall Street Journal and gives helpful information on how to make a career change. They have wonderful articles from experienced professionals who give expert advice on different job markets and finding the one that fits each individual best. They have useful tools like discussion boards and salary searches that allow users to talk to other people who are dealing with the same issues. The site also links to the Dow Jones Network, which offers many different career options abroad in Europe and Asia. The network shows different places that are prime for relocation and provides a place where individuals can watch various job markets to see which ones are hiring. They also have a helpful opinion section where individuals can get an insider's opinion on how to make a successful career change.

With helpful resources like these websites, individuals now have a better chance at successfully making the move to a better career. The need for people to work in a place that makes them feel proud and satisfied is necessary due to the amount of time people spend at their jobs.
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