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The Work At Home Internet Business Benefits From The Reciprocal Links

Nov 18, 2007
What actually are the reciprocal links? You see, the work at home internet business needs contacts to be successful. The question about the reciprocal links is about online contacts. Two related parties change links, i.e. put the link of the other party on his web site and vice versa.

These links direct the visitor traffic and the search engine searches to the other website. So there is one benefit. This phenomen makes the links reciprocal ones. Another benefit is that the more links you have from related sites, the higher will your search engine rank become. And that means a lot of residual traffic for your work at home internet business.

In praxis the reciprocal link building is not that simple. Which makes it a little bit complicated is that it needs a confirmation process from the other party. Some email communication is needed, which of course takes time.

There are two possibilities to change links, a manual one and an automated one. Some softwares are however quite complicated or impossible for a usual websurfer to install, but when installed they are very effective and the reciprocal link list can be built up quickly. The good thing is that these links start to bring the traffic right away to yor work at home internet business.

The reciprocal link list cannot be too big, because the search engines can see it as a link farm, which means punisment in the search engine ranking. You should also see that the quality of the links are good. The linking sites should be related to your work at home internet business site, be of higher page rank than yours and high traffic ones.

As seen from the text above, the quality is very important as too the reciprocal links. You can understand this easily, if you see the links like human beings. It is better to have contacts with the persons, who have the same targets and interests than you have. Then you both will benefit.

If we compare the reciprocal links and the one way backlinks, I have to say that the reciprocal links are useful but the one way links are even more useful. This means that you should have more one way links than the reciprocal links, because the search engines, and especially Google, respect the backlinks more than the reciprocal links. This effect will further underline the quality requirement of the reciprocal links: fish only high quality reciprocal links.

As too the quality of the reciprocal links, the relateness to your work at home internet business site is the first requirement. The second one is that the linking site should have a higher pare rank than your site has. This will raise your page rank.

The higher traffic figures the linking site has at Alexa, the better. Again, link with sites that have better traffic figures than you have and never fall into the trap of the big reciprocal linklist. The quality of the links is much, much important than the number of links.

You should strongly avoid in having outbound links to questionable websites. Do not deal with any automated network links that are not subject to any editor discretion. Reject linking services that offer your work at home internet business either incentives or guarantees to provide an unlimited or large number of reciprocal links to sites to which you have no reason to get connected.
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