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What's an Online Directory Anyway?

Nov 18, 2007
A online directory is a directory on the World Wide Web. It specialises in linking to other web sites and categorising those links.

The easiest way to describe an online web directory specific to one area is to imagine something like the yellow pages, but an online version. Whilst a hardcopy of the yellow pages may be great, the online directory gives you first hand and up to date news. This is a great way to source particular products and services there are a number of companies now housing specific web directory sites online. This makes it easier for you to find what you want at the click of a button.
There are three types of these directories and they serve very similar purposes in being able to deliver information on an abundance of different companies, events and more websites over the World Wide Web.

A Simple Directory

The simplest directory allows you to submit your site under a particular category like entertainment or finance and will ask you to pick a catagory that best represents your sites theme. This type of directory is sometimes referred to as a FFA (Free for All) directory. Some of these directory sites will use a bit of software verification before adding your site to the list to make sure it's not a duplicate and to make sure your site actually exists.

A Monitored Directory

The 'Monitored Directory' is very different to the simple directory, because they will have a human monitoring the content and making a decision as to whether or not that particular website gets listed. They will normally list your site as it is submitted if they accept you. If you boast a lot about your site you may find that they reject you as the same if you were to use too many capital letters or over use of the same words, try to avoid this if you can.

An Edited Directory

The 'Edited Directory' will limit the sites contained in their directory and they will also what they are going to say about your site. They will normally edited or re-write the entire description for your site. For anyone trying to find out valuable information this will be the best resource.

Why submit your website to an online directory?

It is common knowledge to website developers and Internet marketers that incoming links to your website are good for search engine optimisation. An inbound link can be considered as vote that your site has good content worth reading. Once submitted a directory provides a link to your website.
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