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Why Combined Risks Are The Very Best Type

Nov 18, 2007
Depending on which industry you work in you will no doubt have your own individual needs, concerns and worries. For manufacturers these could be falling sales, competition from abroad or Government policy changes over CO2 emissions. For retailers it could be increased competition from supermarkets or the internet. And for someone with an out of town factory it could be trying to increase sales at the same rate taxes or interest rates appear to be rising or dealing with increased transportation costs in the face of uncertain foreign trading markets.

The bottom line is whatever type of industry or trade your business is in you have numerous issues to deal with on a daily basis before you even start to think about your customers and suppliers. And yet despite this apparent need for people in business to make their lives easier it is surprising to see many traders still choosing to have their numerous Insurance policies with many different insurance brokers and companies rather than under a single Traders Combined Insurance policy.

The result of this is that many Traders and business owners pay too much for their insurance and they spend time (that they simply cannot afford to waste) on looking after them. Here a just a couple of reasons why business owners should seriously consider a Traders Combined Insurance policy when their insurance is next due for renewal:

1. All your risks together. By opting for a combined policy your vehicles, your staff, your premises and your profits can all be protected under one policy. No longer do you need your buildings insured with one Broker, your Business Interruption and Liabilities with another and your Fleet with yet another. Just all your risks under a Commercial Combined Insurance policy.

2. Time Savings. Gone are the days of many different types of cover with different renewal dates and provided by different companies. Just your Combined Insurance policy with a single renewal date. If you need to make a change you just need to ring one broker rather than hunt around your paperwork to find out who it is insured with. And if you chose the right broker they should ring around all the main Insurance companies to find you the best deal.

3. Money Savings. By putting all your risks under a Traders Combined Insurance policy you can very often benefit from savings on your premiums as many providers offer discounts. At a time when getting value for money from your service providers then making savings by getting a policy that is easier to administer could be just what you need.

At a time when companies are faced with increased competition, higher taxes and increased commercial mortgage payment, Traders Combined Insurance can save you time and save you money and that is why it works.
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