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Branding and Private Label Rights Products

Nov 18, 2007
When you receive your private label content, more than likely you will notice that it is not customized to fit your situation. In fact, if you got content that only contains partial rights (also known as resale rights), you won't even legally be allowed to alter it. This is why you should always seek content that contains 100% private label rights. Even still, you will need to alter it to make it match your name, company logo, (if you have one) and affiliate links. The process of doing this is known as branding.

How you brand depends on what it is. Many pieces of content come in the form of Microsoft Word documents. If the document is read-only, you will not be able to alter it, but if it isn't, (which is the case for most private label content sold in this format), you are free to change it as you please. However, if it comes in the form of a PDF file, another format commonly used for e-books, you will not be able to easily alter it. This is also the case for content that is in the form of video, audio or a software program. To brand these types of private label contents, you will need what is known as a branding program.

If you join a private label content membership program, more than likely you already have access to a specialized branding program that will allow you to personalize your e-books, articles, videos, audio and any other content that you couldn't otherwise alter on your own. Personalization entails adding your name and any applicable affiliate links. Some branding programs, such as the one used with E-Book Wholesaler, brand with your name and affiliate links at the beginning of the e-book, leaving the rest of the content unaltered. Other branding programs, such as the Affiliate Classroom branding software used for PL Newsletter private label content, can brand literally any instance of an affiliate link.

Of course, don't necessarily think that just because the private label content membership program you are a part of doesn't have branding software that you aren't free to alter the content. As long as it's stated in their agreement you have the right to alter, you do. It's the agreement that determines your rights, not the presence of branding software. If the content you own cannot be branded through branding software, and it cannot otherwise be altered in a word processing program, you will have to rewrite it.

In conclusion, if you want to personalize your private label content you can alter it yourself if it is in the appropriate word processing format or you can use a branding program through a membership program. If your current membership program does not offer branding software, you will have to rewrite the material or considering making a change in membership programs.
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