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Ignite Book Sales with Easy Internet Book Marketing

Nov 19, 2007
Have you included Internet Marketing in your book marketing plan yet? If you don't start your Internet book marketing plan, you could be this time next year with the same disappointing level of book sales.

Don't wait join the Information Revolution today; use any of the below marketing ideas to explode your book sales to a new level. Discover the promotional techniques it takes to have an abundance of customers every month.

1. Automate keeping in touch with prospects and clients. Put a subscription form on your website. Make a special offer or free gift to entice your prospects to sign-up. After building a list of prospects, you must follow-up with them on a regular basis to build credibility and relationship.

You could create a message and put it on an auto responder. Send a message for every week with an offer for something valuable that will cost your audience little or nothing.

2. Dig for gold in your book customer files. Do you realize your most profitable trail leads to your current and former customers? Most business professionals including authors don't. They are too busy seeking after new customers that they neglect what they already have.

According to a survey conducted by Fortune magazine it is FIVE times as expensive to get a new customer as it is to sell to an existing customer. Create booklets, reports, courses that you can sell to your existing book customers.

3. Outsource Marketing services. Leverage your time. Use your skills at the highest level; delegate or outsource the task your skills are lowest in. Or if your budget permits, outsource all your periodic mailings, article submissions, telemarketing to set appointments, reminder notes, etc.

4. Expand your marketing collateral. If you create a short report that your target audience will value (e.g. "How to Hunt the Hidden Treasure in Your Customer Files"), don't stop there. Expand it to a different media or market. You could create a tele-seminar, short articles. Or use the information to re-purpose it for a different market: coaches, consultants, doctors.

5. Make marketing a habit. Marketing must become a habit not an interruption. Make a calendar that specifies what marketing activities you will do, in what frequency and the deadline. This way, your marketing becomes a part of your regular routine and not an interruption of real work. Schedule all your marketing activities including: writing articles, advertising deadlines, traffic building, referral systems, speeches, teleseminars, etc.

So how did your marketing plan rate on a scale of 1-10? Seasoned authors most likely already have their plan in place. Even so, no matter where your experience level is, it's not too late for you to gain a boost in book sales.

Sound overwhelming? Don't worry. Even starting with 2 or 3 of these tasks will help stabilize your book sales flow. Start now. Put these tips into practice one by one and break the ebb and flow cycle for good. Give your book a perpetual sales boost with consistent marketing. Go ahead. Market daily and prosper daily in book sales.
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Earma Brown, 12 year author and business owner helps small business owners and writers who want to write and market their book now! Earma mentors other writers and business professionals through her monthly ezine "iScribe." Send any email to iscribe@book-marketing-help.com for free mini-course "Jumpstart Marketing Your Book" or visit her at http://www.book-marketing-help.com
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